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Dictatorship and Monarchy
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The lesson discusses the meaning and key featires of different types of Political systems.

Ritika Saini
Avid Reader, Theatre actor /lover, Story teller, DIY enthusiast, musician, photographer..... Curious Soul

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Dipeshji, agar 2018 ki upsc cse deni ho to current affairs ka timeframe kya hona chahie? kabase isake notes banana shuru karane chahie?
Dipesh Saini
2 years ago
June 2017 to May 2018 for Pre & Till October 2018 for Mains
Kiran Bedekar
2 years ago
thax...very much
awesome lessons..thanks ma'am
Mam,Can you tell me the difference between Absolute monarchy and Dictatorship??
Shaman Tyagi
2 years ago
Both are same if we consider whether the ruler is answerable or not but absolute monarchy is strongly linked to heredity and riches. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  2. Meaning country is ruled by one person or political entity mechanisms to ensure that the entity's power remains strong Eg: Napoleonic France . Nazi Germany Uganda under ldi Amin

  3. Features: Every aspect of life regulated (almost) Comes into existence by force Generally employ political propaganda to decrease the influence of alternative governing systems. arbitrary & irresponsible role of the dictator. The distinction between the state & the government is absent

  4. 2. MONARCHY

  5. Meaning a group, usually a family (dynasty) Represents the country's national identity one member is called the Monarch Eg: Saudi Arabia Brunei Denmark Sweden UK etc.

  6. Features: .Actual power vary from purely symbolic (crowned republic), to partial and restricted (constitutional monarchy), to completely autocratic (absolute monarchy). The UK is a Constitutional Monarchy; whereas the King of Saudi Arabia is an absolute Monarch. The monarchs of Cambodia, Japan, and Malaysia "reign, but do not rule" although there is considerable variation in the degree of authority they wield. . Mostly,, the monarch's post is inherited and lasts until death or abdication, but there are also elective monarchies where the monarch is elected.