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Democracy and Anarchism
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The lesson discusses the meaning and key featires of different types of Political systems.

Ritika Saini
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can we crack neet without coaching
Gudya anu
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yepp... but there should be a guide
  1. 3. Democracy

  2. Meaning Citizens exercise power directly or elected representatives form a governing body (parliament) . Also called "rule of the majority" . Eg.: India US France Australia Brazil etc

  3. Features: .4 key elements: 1. A system for choosing government through free and fair elections 2. participation of the people in politics and civic life 3. Protection of the human rights d procedures apply equally to all citizens. Other features Political freedom & equality Protection of minority rights Independence of judiciary Presence of civil & socio-economic rights Legal equality & rule of law etc.

  4. 4. Anarchism

  5. Meaning Self-governed societies Voluntary institutions Also described as stateless societies Anarchism holds the state to be undesirable, unnecessary, and harmful. . . .