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The lesson discusses the meaning and the key distinguishing features of totalitarian form of political system.

Ritika Saini
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very good lessons ma'am..
Ritika Saini
2 years ago
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Subhendu Nayak
2 years ago
all of your courses are just awesome ma'am
very nicely explained mam.... Can you please explain me the mian and basic difference between dictatorship, monarchism & totalitarism . they all lead to centralisation of power so how they are different . plz explain mam Thank You .... keep up the grt work.........
which is your optional subject? and how many hour you gave time for that ? what about the answer writing and news analysis?
best of luck for interview,very good lessons, thanks
Ritika Saini
2 years ago
Hey, thank you. and the interview went well. :)
you are very nice human .....tantadddddddd......really curious soul
  1. 7. Totalitarian

  2. Meaning State recognizes no limits to its authority Regulate every aspect of public and private life No respect for human rights single power holder/ individual dictator/a committee /small group of political elite monopolizes political power. Authoritarian (state concerned with political power, as long as that is not contested , gives certain liberty.) Totalitarian (attempts to control all aspects of the social life, including the Is of citizens.) mobilizes the population in pursuit of its goals. Eg.: The Nazi Germany, USSR under Joseph Stalin, China under Mao, North Korea, '

  3. Features: . an elaborate ideology (set of ideas giving direction to the society Totalitarian regimes stay in political power through such techniques as propaganda, state control of the mass media educational system, economy, political repression, capital punishment, restriction of speech, and mass surveillance

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