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Delhi Sultanate: Part 1
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Slave dynasty

Ashish Thakur
Cleared CDS and AFCAT thrice You Tube Channel: ADHYAYAN ACADEMY Love to play cricket and badminton.

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  1. t Delhi Sultanate Ashish Thakur

  2. Dynasty Dynasty Mamluk or Slave dynasty Khilji dynasty Tughlaq dynasty Sayyid dynasty Lodhi dynasty Period of Rule 1206 1290 1290 1320 1321 1413 1414 1450 1451 1526

  3. Slave Dynasty 1206-1290

  4. Qutbuddin Aibak (1206 - 1210) Founder of the Sultanate of Delhi, & the first Independent Muslim ruler. A turk of Aibak' tribe which means 'Lord of the moon'. Most trusted slave of Muhammed of Ghori Died in 1210 while playing Chaughan (Polo) -

  5. He was granted the title Lakh Bakhsh He constructed the Quwat-ul-Islam mosque in Delhi and Adhai din ka jhonpra at Ajmer He also started the construction of Qutb Minar in the honor of Sufi saint Khwaja Qutbuddin Bakthiyar Kaki

  6. Shamsuddin IIltutmish (1210- 1236) H The real consolidator of Turkish conquests He saved the Delhi Sultanate from the invasion of the Mongol, Genghis Khan He introduced the currency system of Tanka and Jittal He organized lata System- land grant to soldiers and nobility He setup the Chahalgani system ('Chahalgani', a group of the 40 most important nobles in the court) - - -He completed the construction of Qutb minar

  7. Razia Sultana (1236- 1240) The first and the only muslim lady who ever ruled India Though a popular ruler, she was disliked by the Chahalgani who wanted to put a puppet ruler at the throne She was defeated and killed by Bandits while in a fight.

  8. weak rulers(1240-1266 After the death of Raziya, weak rulers ascended the throne, who were supported by the Nobles. Bahram shah, Masud shah and Nasiruddin Muhammad were the successors

  9. An era of Balban (1266- 1287) Ghiyas ud din Balban A strong and centralized government was established He acted as a champion of Turkish Nobility He broke the strength of Chahalgani to restore the powers of the Monarchy He established Diwan-i-arz, military department towards a strong army -

  10. dopted a policy of blood and in problems He insisted on the ceremony of Sijada and Paibos. 'Sijdah' or prostration before the king and 'Paibos' or kissing the feet of the King. He took up the title Zil-i-illahi