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Day-21 Daily Vocabulary from The Hindu Editorial (in Hindi)
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The Hindu Editorial 21 March 2017 "The Uttarakhand mandate of renewal" Here is THE HINDU VOCAB from the Editorial page that puts an end to the worries of those who are scared of vocabulary words. Go through it and experience the simplicity and usage of every vocabulary word discussed in the video. If you're preparing for IBPS, SBI. RBI or any Banks exams in which English play a vital role,this course may be a boon for you. English Vocabulary is most important to crack english section of every exam . In this video i am explaining the most important high frequency 10 words from The Hindu Editorial Page.

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  1. Daily Voc bularv from dnt Om Taiswal

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  3. Turmoil (Noun) or disorder a state of confusion or disorder. Synonym: Disquiet, Ferment, Fermentation Antonyms: Calm, Ease, Peace, Peacefulness Exp: 1.A period of political turmoil 2.His life has been in a constant turmoil.

  4. Tribulation (Noun) unhappiness, pain, or suffering.(iT/a) Synonym: Affliction, Agony, Anguish Antonyms: Comfort, Consolation, Solace Exp: Her son's illness has been a source of great tribulation. 2

  5. Defend (Verb) to fight or work hard in order to keep (something, such a a right, interest, cause, etc.) from being taken away.(HHYT/ TaaRT) Synonym: Bulwark, Cover, Fence Antonyms: Assail, Assault, Attack Exp: She defended her friend's behavior 3

  6. Decisive (Adj) able to mak choices quickly and confidently.( Synonym: Bound, Determined, Do-or-die Antonyms: Faltering, Hesitant, Indecisive Exp:1.You must be decisive and persistent to THET) succeed in this competitive field. 2.The fight ended with a decisive blow.

  7. Adequate (Adj) eahorugh fpr some need or requirement enough for some need or requirement. Synonym: Acceptable, All right, Decent Antonyms: Deficient, Inadequate, Insufficient Exp:1.The garden hasn't been getting adequate water. 2.The food was more than adequate for the six of us

  8. Persistent (Adj) continuing beyond the usual, expected, or normal time.TdIR) Synonym: Dogged, Insistent, Patient Antonyms: Quitting, Surrendering, Yielding Exp:1.He is one of the qovernment's most persistent critics. 2.She has been persistent in pursuing the job

  9. Lament (Verb) to express sorrow, regret or unhappiness about something.(ITcF/ ) Synonym: Bemoan, Bewail, Deplore Antonyms: Delight, Exult (in), Glory (in) Exp:1.She lamented over the loss of her best friend. 2."T've lost my best friend!" she lamented

  10. Renewal (Noun) the state of being made new, fresh, or strong again : the state of beingrenewed,/ state of beingrenewed.(YT:RTT /74 ORUT) Synonym: Reduplication, Reiteration, Repeat Antonyms: Death, Expiration, Extinction Exp: 1.License renewals can be done online, 2.You can get a 10 percent savings on subscription renewals. 8