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Day-09 Daily Vocabulary from The Hindu Editorial (in Hindi)
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The Hindu Editorial 7 March "GST Bill:" Last mile concerns" Here is THE HINDU VOCAB from the Editorial page that puts an end to the worries of those who are scared of vocabulary words. Go through it and experience the simplicity and usage of every vocabulary word discussed in the video. If you're preparing for IBPS, SBI. RBI or any Banks exams in which English play a vital role,this course may be a boon for you. English Vocabulary is most important to crack english section of every exam . In this video i am explaining the most important high frequency 10 words from The Hindu Editorial Page.

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Om Jaiswal
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  1. Daily Voc bularv Vocablary from dint -Om Taiswal

  2. About e Graduate from Banaras Hindu University Rate, Review, Recommend & Share Love Music, Travelling & Tech hariomiaiswalvaranasi

  3. Accompany (Verb) to evitfhisoameone,to be companion to go somewhere with(someone), to be companion Synonym: Attend, Escort, Company Antonyms: Ditch, Dump, Forsake Exp: She will accompany me to the store.

  4. Amend (Verb) to change some of the words and often the meaning of (a law, document, etc.)/HIT67 7/quRTI) Synonym: Improve, Enhance, Upgrade Antonyms: Worsen, Damage, Impair Exp: The country constitution was amended to allow women to vote. 2

  5. Integrate (Verb) to combine (two or more things) to form of create something.( Synonym: Absorb, Co-opt, Embody Antonyms: Break down, Separate, Unmix Exp: The car's desian successfully intearated art and technology.

  6. Compensate (Verb) to qive money or something else of value to (someone) in return for something (such as work) or as payment for something lost, Damaged, etc.( Synonym: Recoup, Indemnify, Satisfy Antonyms: Stiff Exp: The price of the item has been reduced to compensate for a defect.

  7. Negotiate (Verb) to discuss something formally in order to make an agreement.( Synonym: Arrange, Concert, Conclude Antonyms: Buggle, Fumble, Goof Exp: The customer wanted to negotiate over the price. 5

  8. Myriad (Noun) a very large number of things.(3RfFa/3 Synonym: Bunch, Bundle, Lot Antonyms: Ace, Bit, Dram Exp: There are a myriad of possibilities. ) 6

  9. Resist (Verb) to fight (something); to try to stop or prevent (Something). ( Zoff MHT/SHhHT) Synonym: Buck, Defy, Fight Antonyms: Bow (up), Give in, Submit Exp: These windows can resist very high winds

  10. Complication (Noun) something that makes something harder to understand explain or deal with. (3S/RRIH) Synonym: Complexity, Difficulty, Intricacy Antonyms: Health, Wellness, Fitness Exp: She experienced complication during her pregnancy 8