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Day 02: Daily Vocabulary from The Hindu Editorial (in Hindi)
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Here is THE HINDU VOCAB from the Editorial page that puts an end to the worries of those who are scared of vocabulary words. Go through it and experience the simplicity and usage of every vocabulary word discussed in the video. If you're preparing for IBPS, SBI. RBI or any Banks exams in which English play a vital role, this course may be a boon for you. English Vocabulary is most important to crack english section of every exam. In this video, I am explaining the most important high frequency 10 words from The Hindu Editorial Page.

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Om Jaiswal
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Unacademy user
Compound factor kaise aya hai ???
Praneeta Tiwari
10 months ago
compound factors will be given in question to you. you ll not have to calculate it
Om Jaiswal
a year ago
Thank You Ravi. Unacademy New feature aaya hai, Aap mujhe appreciate karne ke liye... 'Hat' send kar sakte hain jo Red, Blue, Brown, Green etc. Colour me hoga, apke profile me. Thank You
Thank you Om ....Very easy to grasp these words after your beautiful explanation.
It is easy to learn after watch your video
Bahut achy h sir so thanks
  1. Daily Voc bulary from dint -Om Taiswal

  2. About e Graduate from Banaras Hindu University Rate, Review, Recommend & Share Love Music, Travelling & Tech

  3. Anxiety (Noun) fear or nervousness about what might happen. Synonym: Agitation, Anxious, Nervousness Antonyms: Unconcern, Happiness, Peace Exp: He's been feeling a lot of anxiety about his new job

  4. Sedition (Noun) the crime of sayina, writing, or doing something that encourages people to disobey their government. Synonym: Treason, insurgence, mutiny Exp: The leaders of the group have been arrested and charged with sedition.

  5. Clash (Verb) to be in a situation in which you are fighting or disaareeing, to come into conflict with someone. Synonym: Collide, Conflict, discord Antonyms: Accord, Blend, Conform Exp: 1. Police and protesters clashed yesterday. 2.She ended the song by clashig the cymbals. 2. She ended the song by clashing the cymbals.

  6. Edgy (Adj) nervous and tense. (aTqRT/ and tense. (aCR T) Synonym: Anxious, Nervous, Unquite, Upset Antonyms: Calm, Easy, Relaxed Exp: 1. To much coffee makes me edqv. 2. Their relationship has always been edgy,

  7. Consequence (Noun) something that happens as a result of a particular action or s t of conditions. (q Synonym: Aftereffects, Backwash, Conclusion Antonyms: Cause, Occasion, Reason Exp: The decrease in sales was a consequence of some bad publicity about the company.

  8. Unvei (Verb) to remoye a cover from (something) so that people can see it. ( Synonym: Disclose, Expose, Uncover Antonyms: Conceal, Cover(up), Hide Exp: The company will unveil its newest product today.

  9. Intimidate (Verb) to make (someone) afraid. ) T) Synonym: Blackjack, Bulldoze, Strong-arm Antonyms: Assist, Encourage, Help Exp: He tries to intimidate his opponents.

  10. Reverberation to continue in a series of quickly repeated sound that %ngkly peated sound that ) bounce off a surface. ( bounce off a surface. H) /stat Synonym: Eco, Resonate, Resound Exp:The Sound of thunder reverberated from one end of the mountain pass to the other.