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Day-11 Daily Vocabulary from The Hindu Editorial (in Hindi)
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The Hindu Editorial 9 March 2017 "Dire straits" Here is THE HINDU VOCAB from the Editorial page that puts an end to the worries of those who are scared of vocabulary words. Go through it and experience the simplicity and usage of every vocabulary word discussed in the video. If you're preparing for IBPS, SBI. RBI or any Banks exams in which English play a vital role,this course may be a boon for you. English Vocabulary is most important to crack english section of every exam . In this video i am explaining the most important high frequency 10 words from The Hindu Editorial Page.

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  1. Daily Voc bularv from dnt Om Taiswal

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  3. Sustainable (Adj) able to be used without being completely used up or destroy. (chTGH 37 T(T/ up or destroy.(H Synonym: Dependable, Justifiable, Tenable Antonyms: Unsupportable, Unjustifiable Exp: A line of arqument that is probably not sustainable in a public for m against skilled debaters.

  4. Marine (Adj) of or relatina to the sea or the plants and animals that live in thecsea.RTghzj Tuft) Synonym: Maritime, Oceanic, Pelagic Exp: He love collecting little marine creature while at the beac 2

  5. Circumstances a ondition or fact that affects a situation. (4 Synonym: Fate, Doom, Destiny Antonyms: Intent, Outline, Scheme Exp: The circumstances of his death are SuspiCious. 3

  6. Efficiency (Noun) the ability to do something or produce something without &ACT/Ft) wasting materials, time & energy.( Synonym: Effectiveness, Efficacy, Productiveness Antonyms: Inefficiency, Ineffectuality Exp: Because of her efficiency, we got all the AT work done in a few hours.

  7. Absence (Noun) a period of time when someone is not present at a place, job, ets.(3THTa/ at a place, job, ets.(E Synonym: Need, Lack, Want Antonyms: Presence, Adequacy, Fill Exp: lexpected to see her and was surprised Esp by her te e her and was surprised by her absence.

  8. Arrive (Verb) to come to or reach a place after travelling, being sent. (31 TT/TG ) Synonym: Appear, Come, Get in Antonyms: Go, Leave Exp: He arrived home at six o'clock. 6

  9. Seizure (Noun) the act of taking control of something especially by force or violence.(ahsUIT/ by force or violence. (choT/T ) Synonym: Access, Bout, Attack Antonyms: Arrest, Relief, Remission Exp: The seizure of power by the rebels.

  10. Transgress (Verb) to do something that is not allowed; to disobey a command or laW.(3c/3 Synonym: Err, Offend, Wonder Antonyms: Comply (with), Conform, Mind Exp:There are legal consequences for companies that transgress the rules. 8