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Day 08: Daily Vocabulary from The Hindu Editorial (in Hindi)
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The Hindu Editorial 6 March 2017 "Elusive Reconciliation" Here is THE HINDU VOCAB from the Editorial page that puts an end to the worries of those who are scared of vocabulary words. Go through it and experience the simplicity and usage of every vocabulary word discussed in the video. If you're preparing for IBPS, SBI. RBI or any Banks exams in which English play a vital role,this course may be a boon for you. English Vocabulary is most important to crack english section of every exam . In this video i am explaining the most important high frequency 10 words from The Hindu Editorial Page.

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Om Jaiswal
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sir iske notes ki pdf dal dijiye
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  1. Daily Voc bularv Vocablary from dint -Om Taiswal

  2. About e Graduate from Banaras Hindu University Rate, Review, Recommend & Share Love Music, Travelling & Tech hariomiaiswalvaranasi

  3. Elusive (Adj) tard o uri sestan, define, or remember hard to understand, define, or remember. Synonym: Evasive, Fugitive, Slippery Antonyms: Accessible, Reachable, Available Exp: The truth may prove elusive.

  4. Reconciliation (Noun) the act of causing two people or groups to become friendly again after an argument or disagreement. Synonym: Compromise, Harmony, Settlement Exp:He contacted us in hope of a 2 reconciliation.

  5. Allegation (Noun) a statement saying that someone has done something wrong or illegal. (3TRht/TRFIde Synonym: Charge, Claim, Affirmation Antonyms: Attestation, Denial, Cancellation Exp: You're making a serious alleaation a statement saying that sgomeone has done something Do you have any proof?

  6. Threaten (Verb) to be something that is lilkelv to cause harm to be something that is likely to cause harm to (someone or something).e-/3RT) Synonym: Hover, Overhang, Menace Exp: The mugger threatened his with a gun. 4

  7. Brutal (Adj) extremely cruel or harsh. ( /fnd extremely cruel or harsh. ( /and ) /GER) Synonym: Bitter, Harsh, Cruel Antonyms: Easy, Light, Soft Exp: Sailors something faced brutal punishment like whipping.

  8. Undeniable (Adj) clearly true; impossible to deny. Synonym: Accomplished, Positive, Sure Antonyms: Answerable, Debatable, Refutable Exp: The ban's popularity is undeniable. 6

  9. Regime (Noun) a form of government; a particular government a system of onanagement. Carertamet a ystem of management. (RIH g/RTT Synonym: Administration, Authority, Rule Antonyms: Exp: 1.The new regime sure to fall 2.Under the new regime, all worker must b file a weekly repor .

  10. Tangible (Adj) easily seen or recognized, able to touched or felt. ( Synonym: Palpable, Touchable Antonyms: Impalpable, Intangible Exp:There is no tangible evidence to support her claim 8