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Critical Reasoning - 5
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This exercise or sample paper will help you get a better understanding on the passage and help you solve the questions having to think out of the box and critically analyse the consequences.

Rachel Shruthi
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Thanks a lot sir!! No one can teach history like you! Love you sir!
I feel that answer for 1st question is a or b ma'am. Because alumni were objecting that thier college isn't doing anything for improvement related to arts and sports, so because they were the ones who were funding the scholarship and all the sports event was conducted. Why would they stop funding when they got what they wished for?? I did many questions in previous videos also, I logically didn't find any answers to many. I think either I am not at all good at this topic or the the person who made questions and answers is stupid and believes everyone thinks the same way. I actually really hate this topic, it's totally illogical to such questions in exam. If you find any much deeper explanation for question 1, I meant much more than in video, I hope to get it answered in any coming video. I didn't mean any disrespect to you ma'am, I just mentioned my opinion, sorry for such a long explanation. 😅🙏
Sorry for the the errors in my upper comment, I couldn't proofread it because I wasn't able to read whole comment at once. I hope Unacademy will try to find a solution for that problem.
  1. Critical Reasoning-5

  2. 1.Mesa College has a long reputation of progressive arts education. It relies heavily on donations from its alumni for scholarships and campus improvements. Mesa College has never had an athletic program, and many current students and alumni say that they think this had led the college to put more focus and financial resources into developing first-class arts programs. This year, Mesa College instituted a football program, over the objections of many students and alumni. Based on this passage, which of the following is likely to occur?

  3. Alumni donations to Mesa College will increase Alumni will become very involved with boosting the football program at Mesa College. Alumni donations to Mesa College will decrease. The college will start offering more athletic scholarships than art scholarships. The football program will fail.

  4. 2.Educational research shows that students who attend schools with low faculty/student ratios perform better on standardized tests than students who attend schools with high ratios. Therefore, homeschooling is the best option because the student and parent can work one on one. Which of the following, if true, most weakens this argument?

  5. Standardized test results for homeschooled students show that scores are highly related to the parent- teacher's level of education. Standardized test results from larger schools that require teachers to have a Master's degree are comparable to test results for students from smaller Studies show that homeschooled students struggle socially

  6. Standardized test results for homeschooled students show the same range of scores as scores for students from large schools. Private schooling is prohibitively expensive for many families.

  7. 3.Sharla is a better chess player than Marcus. Marcus is a better chess player than Evelyn. Olivia routinely beats Evelyn at chess. What is the likely outcome if Sharla and Olivia play a game of chess?

  8. Olivia will beat Sharla Sharla will beat Olivia The game will end in a draw Olivia will decide not to play Sharla because she is intimidated The two women will decide not to play chess at all

  9. ANSWERS: 1. Correct Answer: C Explanation: C is correct because, since alumni consider the fact that Mesa College did not have football to be an asset and objected strongly to the program being established, some alumni are likely to decrease or even stop donations to the college.

  10. 2. Correct Answer: A Explanation: A is correct because it indicates that homeschooled students' success is dependent on the competence of the parent-teacher, not just the small class size 3. Correct Answer: B Explanation: B is correct because, while Olivia routinely beats Evelyn at chess, Evelyn is still not as good a player as Marcus, who is in turn not as good as Sharla Sharla is the superior player.