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Critical Reasoning - 4
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This lesson will help you deal with critical thinking in an easy manner, pay attention to the small tricks that I give you in the lesson and you will get through

Rachel Shruthi
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mam please cover the remaining lessons
Keep the introduction part small
Do not introduce too much
  1. Critical Thinking:4 - Gate

  2. 1.A nature conservancy expert found little support for his campaign to protect toads. He suggested that, even thought the campaign highlighted the vital role the toads played in the ecology of the region, people were unenthusiastic about saving toads as these animals are perceived as unpleasant creatures, and people seldom feel passionate about animals with which they have no positive feelings. The expert's opinion would be most strengthened by which of the following observations?

  3. A. Ecological conservation is an increasingly important concern in the region. B. A recent campaign to save bats achieved a measure of success only after a cartoon bat was adopted as the mascot of the local football team C. Snakes and lizards also need protection in this region as a result of human activity. D. The campaign to protect toads has been in existence for over five years and yet the toad population continues to decline E. The children in the local schools were found to have a greater aversion to toads than to snakes.

  4. 2. It is strange that in Sentacity there are so many corner shops selling food items. After all there are many supermarkets in the city which sell food at cheaper prices, and many of these supermarkets are open 24- hours Which of the following, if true, would be of least help in explaining the paradoxical observation?

  5. A. The comer shops are selling specialist food items not available in the supermarkets. B. The supermarkets are mostly located on the outskirts of the city and require residents to use cars or public transport to reach them C. The main business of the local shops is newspaper distribution and food items represent a small part of their turnover.

  6. The corner shops are mainly family-owned Dusinesses and have been there for much onger h the supermarkets and are perceived as an important feature of the community E. The corner shops are willing to make home deliveries

  7. ANSWERS: 1.A Explanation: We are looking for something to strengthen the idea that people are unenthusiastic about campaigns related to animals that are not viewed in a positive light. Answer B relates a similar situation in which people were unenthusiastic about a creature until it was seen in a new (presumably positive) way. Giving a similar example is one way to support an argument, and it is the best option available here.

  8. 2. D Explanation: First look for the statements that help explain why there continues to be a large number of corner shops. Choice A suggests that they stock different things; B suggests that they are more conveniently located; C suggests their main business does not compete with supermarkets.

  9. D suggests that they find favor with the community who would be likely to patronize them. The least relevant and therefore what we are looking for) is the fact that they make home deliveries because it is not clear whether the supermarkets do the same.