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Critical Reasoning - 2
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This lesson is another variation of critical reasoning where you have to choose the right options on th assumptions made, sometimes the options can get tricky but I have given you certain hacks to do better.

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thank you so much for explanation of every question.
Very good video lecture
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Rachel Shruthi
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Aweosme !! please continue and share my lessons with your friends !
Can you share your email ID ??
Can you share your email ID ??
  1. Critical Reasoning & Verbal Deduction

  2. This type of questions test the candidate's ability to solve a specific problem by utilizing the facts and information stated in the question. These questions comprise of 'Statement & Conclusion' based questions, logical Inference hich have to logically arri based on the facts given in the question

  3. For Instance: Given below is a statement followed by Two conclusions. Determine which one logically follows assuming the statements to be true

  4. Statement: Monitoring has become a significant part in the planning of social development programmes. It is suggested that Management Information System be developed for all programmes. This is likely to furnish a feedback on the performance of the functionaries and the efficacy with which services are being supplied

  5. Conclusion l: All the social development programmes should be assessed Conclusion II: There is a need to supervise the performance of workers 1.Only conclusion I follows 2.Only conclusion Il follows 3.Eithe 4.Neither I nor lI follows 5.Both l and II follow rl or Il follows

  6. The correct answer is E since as per the statement, supervision and assessment of social development programmes, i.e. their function, efficiency and performance is absolutely vital. Therefore, the correct option is E.

  7. CONCLUSION In this type of questions, the candidate is required to answer the question solely based on the information provided in the question. These type of questions are highly scoring but require careful reading and manipulation to arrive at the correct solution.

  8. The End!! Rate.. Review.. Recommend!