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Critical Reasoning - 3
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This lesson will help you reason out your answers without any complication and how to think out of the box

Rachel Shruthi
Graduated from ST. Francis Degree college in bachelor's English literature . I have about 8 months of experience in teaching. Currently pur

Unacademy user
sir.... a sub standard asset is one which has been classified as NPA for a period not exceeding 12 months :/ :/ even doubtful bhi 12 months pada hai humne .... :/ app 18 months kis base pe kh rahe hain..... ? i am not getting..... koi aur criteria hai kya ? ? ?
Aditi Srivastava
2 years ago
have the same doubt. have read 12 months for sub standard and doubtful.
Why are the other options wrong ??? These is critical reasoning... please provide detailed solutions
the way u r answering is not good . who gives ans at last while teaching online.
Not attention on study only talking
Can I get a soft copy of only the written parts/questions from your lessons?
Rachel Shruthi
a year ago
Hi Vaishnavi ..I don't think I'll be able to do that ..or rather I don't know how to share it with you . however I'll connect with the internal team and get back with an answer to that. :)
Can you share your Email ID ???
Can you share your Email ID ???

  2. 1.Ciara distrusts modern medicine. She says that the drugs prescribed by doctors are just synthetic poisons that they dispense to make money. She uses only herbs and essential oils to treat her health problems, declaring that they are much safer than prescription drugs because they come directly from nature. Which of the following, if true, most weakens Ciara's argument?

  3. Some doctors dispense drugs for free to needy patients. Some common drugs are derived from plants and other natural substances Some herbs and natural substances are quite harmful if ingested. Sometimes the herbal remedies Ciara takes do not relieve her symptoms.

  4. Herbal supplements and oils are often quite expensive. 2.A recent sociological study found that more than 40% of the members of a large conservative Christian church were the adult children of divorce. This led the researchers to conclude that growing up in a family where there is divorce leads people to become more religious. Which of the following would be the best way to test the researchers' conclusions?

  5. Interview a large random sample of adult children of divorce to see if they are also very religious. Interview the congregants of the large conservative church to find out if they grew up in the church of converted as adults. Interview a local atheist group to see how many adult children of divorce are among its members. Gather statistics on how many marriages end in divorce each year. Facilitate a therapy group for adult children of divorce

  6. 3.According to Dr. Sean, people who consume broccoli everyday are half as likely to be diagnosed with heart diseases as compared to others. Dr. Sean stated this after he had monitored diet of 100 patients for 1:2 months. Which of the following options weakens the argument stated above?

  7. According to a famous Science Journal, broccoli has no relation with heart diseases at all People who were monitored during this study belonged to the same town. Everyone whose diet was being monitored was supposed to spend 30 minutes each day jogging.

  8. There are different kinds of broccoli available in the market these days, some of which are artificially manufactured. Dr. Sean doesn't hold a degree from one of the lesser known universities.

  9. ANSWERS 1. Correct Answer: C Explanation: C is correct because Ciara claims that herbs and natural remedies are safe, while some plants and natural substances are in fact poisonous.

  10. 2. Correct Answer: B Explanation: B is correct because the researchers assert that growing up in a family of divorce leads to greater religiosity. It is therefore important to know if people began practicing a religion after the divorce, or if they have continued the same religious practice they had as children before the divorce