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कोर्स सामान्य जानकारी

Pavan Choudhary is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Pavan Choudhary
Winner of Clever invention award December 2018, No.1 Educator in MPPSC Category Director Saarthi Education, Youtuber

Unacademy user
great work sir....plzz sir continue this series...if possible make tricks for rivers,mountains
Jatin Kumar
2 years ago
we can understand these topics easily through mapping. please go through and stay updated with curse named Mapping...
  1. MPPSC MAINS PAPER 1 PART A TOPIC 1.4 Impact of British Rule on Indian Economy and Society, Indian Response to British rule: Peasant and Tribal Revolts The first struggle of Independence Topic 1.5 Indian Renaissance: The freedom National Movement and its Leader (with special reference to MP3 Sarthi

  2. STRATEGY AND DECODING OF SYLLABUS Topic divided into 8 Courses o Later Mughal R5 o British Empire (1757-1857) o The Revolt of 1857 o Nationalist Movement (1858-1905) o Nationalist Movement (1905-1918) o Struggle for Swaraj (1918-1927) o Struggle for Swaraj (1927-1947) Sarthi

  3. Battle of Plassesy Battle of Buxar Conquest of Bengal Treaty of Allahbad Regulating Act 1773 Dual Govt Abolition of Dua Gevt. Revenue Reform British Empire (1757-1857 Judicial System Trade Regulation First Anglo_mysore War Warren Hastings (1772 85) Second Anglo Mysore War Rohilla's War First Anglo-Maratha war Policy of ring Fence Pitt's India Act 1784 Sarthi Asiatic Society Of

  4. Ill Anglo Mysore War Wootz Steel Administrative Reform Lord Cornwallis (1786-93) Judicial reform Police Reform Permanent Settlement British Empire (1757-1857) Chartered Act 1793 Sir John Shore (1793-98) Battle of Kharda Subsidiary Alliance Lord Wellesley (1798-1805) Ivth Anglo Mysore War Sarthi ll Anglo Maratha War

  5. Sir George Barlow (1805- 07) Vellor Mutiny Treaty of Amritsar Lord Minto I(1807-13) British Empire (1757-1857) Chartered Act 1813 Anglo-Gorkha War Treaty of Butawal Lord Hasting (1813-1823) Ill Anglo Matatha War Cause of Maratha Defeat Ryotwari Settlement Sarthi

  6. First Anglo Burmese War Lord Amherst (1823-28) Annexation of Bharatpur Mahalwari System Mysore British Empire (1757-1857) Policy towards Indian State Cacher And Jaintia William Bentinck (1828-35) Chartered Act 1833 R/l with Ranjit Singh Indus Navigation Treaty Administrative Reform Sati Abolition Act 1829 Suppression of thugee Social reform Female Infanticide Anglistic Oriental Controversy English Educatiorn Macaulay Minute Sarthi

  7. The Press Act 1835 Lord Metclafe (1835-36) Early Regulation of press Local Auckland (1836-42) Lord Ellenborough (1842-44) R/I with Afghans British Empire (1757-1857) 3 Annexation of Awadh Death of Ranjit Singh 5 0 Lord Hordings (1844-48) Treaty of Lahore Sarthi

  8. Satara Second Anglo Sikh war Nagpur Second Anglo Burmese War Policy of Annexation Jhansi Doctrine of Lapse Chartered Act 1853 Sambalpur Application of Doctrine Jaitpur British Empire (1757-1857) Railways Bhagat Lord Dalhousie Telegraph Udaipur Postal Oudh Reforms Wood's Dispatch Education Santhal Rebellion PWD Military Sarthi

  9. Day 25- 14 April- Conquest of Bengal, Regulating Act 1773 Day 26- 15 April- Warren Hasting, Lord Cornwallis Day 27- 16 April- Sir John Shore, Lord Wellesally Day 28- 17 April- George Barlow, Minto I, Lord Hastings Day 29- 18 April- Lord Amherst, William Bentinck Day 30- 19 April- Lord Metcalfe, Lord Auckland, Lord Day 31- 20 April-Lord Hording, Lord Dalhousie Ellen borough Sarthi