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Course-510 Important Question Series Part-4
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Charan Sparsh Gurudev 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Part 3 is not playing..... Why.. Whenever i starts part 3....the app gets stopped.... What to do...... It is happening with the part 3 only..
sir thank you so much for these 510 videos. please add more videos. it is very much useful for me to prepare for the exam
very nice, plz provide the remaining units as there is no time for exam, its very near...
Sir, why it is not possible to download the pdf even I am having credit score more than 400
Thank you so much sir. Eagerly waiting for the rest of the videos.
  1. Course-510 Learning Science at Upper Primary Level *NIOS D.EL.ED CTET AND ALL STATE TETS IMPORTANT unacidemy QUESTION SERIES PART-3 BLOCK-1 TEJASW RAJ

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  3. Course-510 Learning Science at Upper Primary Level UNIT-2 SCIENTIFIC INQUIRY unacidemy Q TEJASW RAJ

  4. 1. How Facilitators should assist Younger children to understand explanations?

  5. Ans- Facilitators need to assist learners to: make an effort to use some idea or concept for explaining the observation or relationship. use concepts or ideas acquired in one situation to explain other situation. put forward many explanations that are possible with respect to one situation e put forward an explanation that is verifiable. suggest testable explanation though they feel that it is not correct

  6. 2. Write Down The Three Categories of Variables?

  7. 1. Independent variable: To investigate difference between two things or conditions you change these variables. The difference between things can be compared on the basis of some property. For example, if we want to investigate heat absorption capacity of colour with respect to certain type of fabric then the colour is the independent variable. It will not be changed during the experiment.

  8. . Control Variable: The investigate heat absorption capacity of the colour you should not change some variable during the study. For example, you will not change the type of cloth, duration for which the heat is supplied; temperature of the source will also be kept constant throughout the investigation. Dependent Variable: This variable gets affected as you change the independent variable. That is why it is called as dependent variable. In this example heat absorption capacity is a dependent variable as it depends on type of cloth, temperature of the source, duration for which the heat is provided etc.