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Course-510 Important Question Series Part-2
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gandhiji started experimenting with his ambitious passive resistance called as satyagraha...more specifically he took the baton of leadership in Champaran Satyagraha for the cause of peasants.
please send part 4 and other important part questions and answers
thanks you so much for video but jldi jldi video upload krye 510 ka plzzzz it's request & mcq v dalye 510 ka
sir the pdf is not downloading and also my credit score is not increasing please resolve the isssue
I want this video in hindi sir please
very excellent abbrviation are given thank u sir
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  1. Course-510 Learning Science at Upper Primary Level *NIOS D.EL.ED CTET AND ALL STATE TETS IMPORTANT unacidemy QUESTION SERIES PART-2 BLOCK-1 TEJASW RAJ

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  3. Course-510 Learning Science at Upper Primary Level Unit-1 Nature of Science unacidemy PART-2 TEJASR

  4. ABBREVIATIONS Abiogenesis: Theory which believes in Life arising spontaneously. Biogenesis: Theory which believes in "Life comes from life only", it does not arise in areas that have not been contaminated by existing life. Pangenesis: A theory of heredity proposed by Charles Darwin, in which gemmules containing heredity information from every part of the body coalesce in the gonads and are incorporated into the reproductive cell.

  5. Falsification: It is a logical possibility that an assertion can be contradicted by an observation or the out come of physical experiment. It is the inherent testability of any scientific hypothesis. Anomalous: Inconsistent with or deviating from what is usual, normal or expected. Cognition: It is a scientific term for mental process including attention, remembering, producing, understanding language, solving problems and making decision.

  6. Dogmatic: Being certain that your beliefs are right and others should accept them without paying attention to evidence or other opinions. Renaissance: Situation when there is new interest in a particular subject, form of art etc. after a period when it was not very popular. Creationism: The belief that the universe was made by God exactly as described in Bible. Evolution: The gradual development of plants, animals etc. over many years as they adapt to changes in their environment.

  7. Integrity: The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. Objectivity: Undistorted by emotion or personal bias. Recant: renounce, disavow, retract, deny, revoke

  8. 1. Write down the approach of West in Science education?

  9. Ans- Lot of important scientific discoveries was made, theories were formulated and principles were established by the end of 18th century, however Universities neglected the teaching of Science. To name a few scientists they are as follows. Robert Boyle [1627] who discovered the behavior of the gases, Antony Van Leeuwenhoek [1632] who discovered Microorganisms, Robert Hook [1636] discovered Microscope, Isaac Newton [1642] formulated the laws of motion Benjamin Franklin [1706] is known for his electrostatic theory, Henry Cavendish[1731] discovered Hydrogen, Joseph Priestley [ 1733] is known for his discovery of Oxygen, James Watt [ 1736] is well known for his steam engine, Edward Jenner [1749] laid the foundation of vaccinology Michael Faraday [1791] is known for his discovery of electromagnetism

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