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Course-510 Important Question Series Part-1
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sir ctet aur stet k liye english mein b videos upload kriye plzz
sir will you give more videos. if not than stop sending same part again and again...
Hi sir 510 block 2 explanation sir exams are coming plz sir give reply sir
only four videos....why rest parts are not available sir?
Thanks Sir! Keep updating everyday and cover all the topics!
  1. Course-510 Learning Science at Upper Primary Level *NIOS D.EL.ED CTET AND ALL STATE TETS IMPORTANT QUESTION SERIES PART-1 BLOCK-1 unacidemy aTEJASWRAJ

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  3. Course-510 Learning Science at Upper Primary Level Unit-1 Nature of Science unacidemy Q TEJASW RAJ

  4. 1. Write Down About The Vedas Written in 5000 BC?

  5. ANS- Four Vedas were written in 5000 BC: Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samveda and Atharvaveda. Each Veda has four parts: Samhita, Aranyak, Brahmana and Upanishad. "Kalpa" means a Sutra text. Four sutras have been described in Kalpa. (i) Rihya Sutra which speaks about Vedic duties performed by house holders (ii) Dharma sutra speaks about Ethical and Moral codes. (iii)Ta Sutra gives you the way Rituals and Vedic Sacrifice is performed (iv)Shulba Sutra is all about Algebric calculations IV

  6. 2.Write Down The contribution of Scientist in the Post- Vedic Period ?

  7. Ans- In the post-Vedic period ancient Indian scientists made significant contributions to natural science and formulated many natural laws and scientific principles and theories. Sushruta [600 BC]in the field of Surgery, Charak [100 BC] the father of Ayurveda, Kanad [ 600BC]proposed the Atomic Theory, Aryabhatta [476BC]contribution to Astronomy is still recognized world wide., Varahmihir [500 AD]made significant contribution to Astronomy, Astrology, Environment and Geology., Brahmagupta [598 AD]is known as father of Algebra, Nagarjun [931 AD] established Chemistry laboratories, Patanjali [200 BC]is known throughout the world for his unique contribution to Yoga and a great mathematician Bhaskaracharya [1114 AD]for his contribution to Arithmetic and Differential calculus. His creations Sidhantshiromani and Karna- Kutuhal are known world wide.

  8. 3.Write Down The Contribution ofWesten Philosophers who led the foundation of Scientific Methodology?

  9. Ans- Western Philosophers and natural Scientists led the foundation of scientific methodology and the centre of learning was established in Greece. Here are few examples. Pythagoras a native of Greece [582 BC] brought the mathematical idea of Egyptians with a precise proof later well-known as Pythagorean theorem. Hippocrates from Greek island of Cos [460 BC] was the father of modern Medicine. Aristotle [384 BC] was an outstanding teacher and had a remarkable understanding of Scientific method as we recognize it today. Archimedes [287 BC] studied at the famous school of Mathematics in Alexandria . He was a scientist and a mathematician of extraordinary greatness - "One man and one intellect- a host in itself".

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