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Cholas Part 2
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Siva Prasad
Alumni- Indian Institute of Science(IISc), Bangalore; Part of Harvard Business School CORe 2020 cohort; Telegram ID/Promo code - akmsiva

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sir this reminded me of " mai yeh nhi sochta tha kitte ghnte pdne hai ..i used to think what things i want to complete today..jb mera complete hojaata tha toh mai cricket khelne chla jaata tha.." "mai apne mains kai exam sai pehle movie dekhne gya tha..I think namaste london.." mere class mai teachers mujhse derivation krat thai..mai krdta tha toh mujhe class sai nikaldte thai.." Nishchay jain- your student of vmc G11..I was in touch with you on fb also..but from last 1.5 year I stopped using social networking ..and dropped a year for jee prep and found you here..complete 5-6 lessons from you only on unacad..and I can't forget the first day when you entered in a class were speaking in some other language or some dialogue I dont remem proprly .It was just amazing..i still have your notes of vectors ,kinematics and few other topics..happy to see you here..and firse pdke..also remem your and prince sir friendship .
Udit Gupta
10 months ago
Wishing you nothing but the best!!
sir it would be highly beneficial if you bring the gist or concise compilation of science reporter for prelims 2019 and I nowhere got it in whole Internet and I highly rely on science and technology upon you. I know sir that u might be also very busy for your prelims but if by the way you get time I'm sure you would think about it
  1. Ancient History (South India) Siva Prasad

  2. Topics Covered . Satavahanas Rashtrakutas Pallavas . Kalachuris of Kalyana Cholas . Gangas of Talakad . Kadambas of Banavasi . Vakatakas . Chalukyas of Badami Hoysalas . Chalukyas of Kalyana . Kakatiyas . Yadavas of Devagiri . Eastern Chalukyas of Vengi

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  4. Cholas The Tamil power reached its peack during the rule of Cholas. Vijayala was the founder of later Cholas. They ruled from Thanjavore their most famous rulers were: (1) Rajaraja I who overran almost every adversary including Ceylon. He built the famous Siva temple at Tanjore (2) Rajendra I another ruler built a second capital at Gangaikonda cholapuram (3) Rajadhiraja Il was another great ruler who lost his life in the Kuppam battle against Western Chalukyas of Badami. (4) Kulottunga I (1070-1122) introduced land reforms. The Chola power declined towards the end of 12th century and were replaced by Pandyans of Madurai

  5. Gangas of Talakad Capitals:- Kolahala or Kolar, Talakadu and Makunda . The Gangas ruled large parts of Karnataka specially the old Mysore region. The area under the Gangas was referred to as Gangawadi or Ganganadu. . They initially made Kolar as their capital but later shifted to Talakadu (on Cauvery Bank) which remained their administrative headquarters and lastly to Makunda, near Chenapatna. . The elephant stood as their emblem

  6. Gangas of Talakad Dadiga was the founder of Ganga dynasty guided by his guru Sinhanandi. . Durvinitha was the greatest among the Gangas who conquered Coimbatore, Chengalpat & Salem from Pallavas after entering into a matrimonial alliance with Chalukyas. He was a Scholar and patron of arts and believed to have written a contemporary on Kiratarjuniya and translated Gunadhya's Brihatkatha from Prkarit to Sanskrit Pujyapada, a Jain Scholar, wrote Prakrit to Sanskrit. Shaddavatara on Sanskrit grammar.

  7. Gangas of Talakad Other noteworthy ruler was Sreepurusha who had problems with Pallavas and Rashtrakutas. He shifted his capital for a while to Manyapura . He wrote a book Gajasashtra, on elephants. Towards the end of 10th Century the Ganga territories were annexed by Cholas and Chalukyas. Chamundaraya, who served as a Minister to Narasimha Il and to Rachamalla IV. In addition to being a good Administrator he was a great patron of arts and of Jainism. He built the world famous Shravabelagola statute of Gomateswara or Bahubali (supposed to be son of Rishaba) and wrote Chamunadarayapurana.

  8. Gangas of Talakad .The Ganga period witnessed the emergence of the construction of free standing pillars of two types: . () Manasasthamba with Jain figures facing four directions at the top . (ii) Brahmadevasthamba with carvings of flowers etc., The Gangas also built Jain Basadis, temples at Talakadu (Pataleswara, and the Kapileswara temple at Manne).

  9. Gangas of Talakad Dhanjaya wrote Raghavapanavijaya and Vidhibasimha wrote Gadya- chintamani. They were benevolent rulers and had Heggades as officers & were perhaps the first to install an administrative system in the old Mysore region.