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Atomic minerals: Comprehensive Information on Uranium (for UPSC CSE)
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In this lesson one will come across the discussion on topics such as Atomic minerals, Zinc, Lead, Gold, and Silver. As this lesson instigates one will learn about atomic minerals which are used in India. Bhumika lists the places from where these minerals get extracted and she also details about the nuclear power generators of India. ​

Bhumika Saini
B Tech from MNIT, Jaipur. Appeared in CSE interview thrice. Loves teaching and playing badminton.

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Ma'am you are an awesome teacher.Please teach us evs and other subjects also.Thank you so much .
Preeti Mandyal
2 years ago
dhnyawad mam :) ji jrur mein baki subject pr bhi course jrur bnayungi :)
Preeti Mandyal
2 years ago
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awesome notes bhumkia mam
Tarapur Atomic power station: Palghar Dist, Maharashtra Rajasthan Atomic Power Station: Rawatbhata, Rajasthan Rana pratap sagar is Hydroelectric Power Plant
Ma'am, your videos are very informative and helpful.thanks a lot for making this series. I have a doubt... On wikipedia and few other test series materials available largest reserves of thorium and monazite are in Tamil nadu and Andhra pradesh. kindly help....
Madame there is no such country called Zaire it's Democratic republic of Congo and peddagutta is in Nizamabad district which is in Telangana Ps- Thanks for the mineral series
Nikhil Bhardwaj
3 years ago
yes Zaire....

  2. About me .B Tech from MNIT, Jaipur. Appeared in CSE interview thrice. Three years of experience in teaching Course fee: CONTRIBUTE Follow me on Unacademy:

  3. Atomic Minerals Zinc Lead Gold and Silver

  4. Atomic Minerals Huge reserves of atomic minerals India is using two kinds of atomic fuels (i) Uranium and (ii) Thorium Thorium is extracted from Monazite and Ilmenite UraniumThorium Beryllium Zirconium Lithium

  5. Atomic Minerals India's Uranium reserves are found in crystalline rocks -Largest reserve and production is in Jharkhand(70%) Mines Coastal Sands Domiasiat, Khasi Hill:s Dilwara-Kirovali, Udaipur Rohil, Sikar Jadugoda, Turamdih, Narwapahar Tumallapalle Lambapur Pedagattu Gogi States Kerala Meghalaya Raiasthan Rajasthan Jharkhand Andhra pradesh Andhra Pradesh Karnataka

  6. URANIUM OCCURANCE IN INDIA JojaLoO Bo dol AAMA palr Baam ummat pal

  7. Atomic Minerals Other minerals having atomic content with economic viability: Monazite -Coastal sands of Kerala; .Ilmenite Jharkhand or in nuclear reactors Beryllium-Beryllium oxide is used as moderator in nuclear reactors; Rajasthan, Jharkhand, AP andTamilNadu Zirconium-Kerala coast Lithium - Light metal found in Jharkhand,MP,Rajasthan

  8. Atomic Minerals Five centres of atomic energy Tarapur (oldest)-Mumbai, Pune Rana Pratap Sagar Plant (Rajasthan)- Kota industrial complex and eastern Rajasthan Narora (UP) Kalpakkam (TN)-Chennai Kakrapar (Gujarat) By 2020, India has planned to increase nuclear power production to e Kalpakkam 20,oooMW

  9. NUCLEAR POWER GENERATORS Atha) NaxeratP) ta ka)

  10. Metallic Minerals IMPORTS India has to meet domestic requirements and imports from USA, Canada, Zimbabwe, Japan, Mexico ZINC DESCRIPTION - Mixed ore containing lead and zinc is found in veins in association with galena, chalcopyrites, iron pyrites etc USES -Used for alloying and for manufacturing galvanized sheets; Also dry batteries, white pigments, electrodes, textiles, rubber industry and for making collapsible tubes containing drugs, pastes etc coltpible tube ctaubnrmaking RESERVES- Limited in Rajasthan, Sikkim

  11. Metallic Minerals MINING CENTRES -There are 3 gold fields in the country - Kolar, Hutti, Ramgiri Karnataka Most important - Kolar Gold Field in Kolar district Hutti mines in Raichur district - far below Kolar production - low grade ore- operates irregularly due to variable production Andhra Pradesh-Main deposits are found in Ram giri field in Anantapur district- almost exhausted Jharkhand - Native and alluvial gold (Subanarekha river