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Animal tissues: Connective tissues
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  2. CONNECTIVE TISSUES It protects and supports the body embedded in an intercellular matrix. The matrix may be jelly Like, fluid, . The cells are loosely spaced an COLLAGEN FIBeRs MELANOCNTE EAT CEU LYMPHOcyre ELASTIC F8ERS dense or rigid, RETICULPR ABERS CAPILLARY .The nature of matrix differs in ONNECTIVE TISSUES concordance with the function of the particular connective tissue CONNECTIVE TISSUES AREOLAR ADIPOSE COMPACT BONE HYALINE CARTILAGE BLOOD CELLS

  3. AREOLAR It fi lls the space inside the organs, and supports internal organs. MATRIX It helps in repair of tissues. .It is found between the skin and muscles, around blood vessels and nerves and in the T CELL COLLAGEN FIBRES WHITE FBRES) YELLOW FIBRES Fig. 7.15. Areolar tissue bone marrow,

  4. ADIPOSE They are the Fat storing tissues, which are filled with fat globules NUCLEUS CYTOPLASM MATRIX EMPTY ADIPOSE CELL These tissues are found below the skin and between internal organs. FAT GLOBULE BLOOD VESSEL YELLOW FIORE . Due to the storage of fats, it acts as ADIPOSE CELL an insulator.

  5. COMPACT BONE It forms the framework which also anchors the muscles and supports the main organs of the body It is a strong and nonflexible tissue . Bone cells are embedded in a hard matrix that is composed of calcium and phosphorus compounds Two bones can be connected to each other by another type of Osteon connective tissue called the Ligament. .This tissue is very elastic and has considerable strength. Haversian Canal Ligaments contain very Little matrix. Osteocyte Canaliculi . Another type of connective tissue is tendons .Tendons are fibrous tissue which counects bones to muscles. . They are with great strength but limited flexibility.

  6. HYALINE CARTILAGE They are widely spaced cells. hyaline cartilage The solid matrix is composed of proteins and sugars, chondrocytes lacunae Cartilage smoothen bone surfaces at joints. matrix . It is present in the nose, ear, trachea and Larynx.

  7. BLOOD CELLS Blood has a fluid (Liquid) matrix called plasma, in which red blood cells (RBCs), white blood cells (W BCS) and pLatelets are Red blood corpuscle Cytoplasnm Nucleus suspended Neutrophtl Eostnophii Basophil . The plasma contains proteins, Different white polynuclear lood corpuscles leucocyte) salts and hormones. Blood flows and transports gases, digested food, hormones and waste materials to different parts of the body. Lymphocyte Monocyte Platelets