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Ancient Cities in India
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In this lesson, we will gain knowledge about different ancient cities which were there in India.

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Abhishek Srivastava
GS faculty and subject matter expert | 4 yrs Teaching Exp.| HiStory, Geog. and Polity courses with interrelation, logic & chronology.

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Sir 9:25 time par.... Apne LHD ke liye - h+3 kyu liya h.... LHD ke liye to - 3-h lete hai na 🤔🤔?
Sir, How were they communicating with each other.. Any evidence of language..
probably this will help in case of revision, after first reading of ncert it is the best..
please sir continue this series 7,8,9,10,11,12 requested please sir
sir ye BC se related confusion h,years ko convert krna zruri h kya
awsome course for beginners

  2. Abhishek Srivastava ABOUT ME: Qualified IIT JEE 2006 Indian maritime University, Kolkata Marine Engineer Qualified for UPSC mains twice Got selected in SSC and IBPS twice .GS faculty

  3. Previously..

  4. Domestication Food gatherer Hunter Animals Sedentary living Art Agriculture

  5. Before Christ(B.C 2mn 100001 80001 6000 4000 900 later 800 vedic 700 era Neolithic 3700 3600 2700 PALEOUTHIC Meso lithic 2500 Indus 500 Mahajanapada 1400 MAURYAS 3300 3200 3100 2300 iviliza1300Riedic 300 200 100 Dark Age 1200 era 2100 we are here! 2100 1100 400 Guptas 1400 2400 600 Harsha V1600 700 Prophet 1700 1000 Anno Domio (AD.)

  6. Harappan story Lahore Multan Harappa Su First city to be discovered They developed around 4700 years ago...2700 BC Mehrgarh Kalibangan Novsharo Neu Delhi phenjo DaroSokkur heutige Stadt antike State Mohenjo aro Kot Diji Amri Hyderabad Karatschi E Ahmedabad Surkotada Lothal othal Narmada Arabisches Meer Bombay

  7. Characteristics Usually 2 parts West was smaller and East larger and lower.....ower town Walls Baked brick walls Interlocking pattern

  8. Great Bath @ Mohenjo daro Bricked lining Plastered -water tight with tar - Steps from two sides -Rooms on all sides

  9. Lahore ga Multan Harappa Su nFire alters @ Lothal Neu Delhi . and kalibangan Mehrgarh Kalibangan Novsharo phenjo DaroSokkur heutige Stadt antike State Mohenjo aro Kot Diji May be used for sacrifices Amri Hyderabad Karatschi Store houses E Ahmedabad Surkotada Lothal othal Narmada Arabisches Meer Bombay

  10. . Houses -1/ 2 storey high -Rooms around courtyard Separate bathing area Some had wells Drains Covered drains in straight lines Inspection holes Gentle slope -Often connected to house drains Streets -Planned along with drains and houses

  11. New Crafts Most things are of stone shell and metal (copper gold bronze and silver) Copper & bronze Tools weapons ornaments vessels Gold and silver Ornaments and vessels

  12. Raw material Few available locally Copper Rajasthan and Omarn . Tin Afghanistan and Iran Gold -Karnataka . Precious stones -Gujrat Iran Afghanistan

  13. Food supply for the city They also reared -Cattle Sheep -Goat Goat In Dry be taken to far away pastures. hunted wild animals like antelope Buffalo caught fishes

  14. Harappans towns in Gujarat Dholavira Lothal

  15. Indus Valley Civilization Mature Harappan Phase (2600-1900 BCE) Major city Town or village Estent of Mature Harappn phaseiv Other archseological oulture, Natural feature Manda Rehman Dheri Harappa Kalbangarna wall Ropar Bana wall Dro Culture P. Rakhigar Mitathal Ganweriwala Kulti Culture Jodhpura- Ganeshwar Cuture Mohenjo-Daro Ghazl Shah Kot Dij i Shah Kot Diji Thar Desert .-Chanhu Daro Balakot Ami Koh Allahdino Dholavira Parn of Kutch Surkotada Lothal

  16. Next... . About books and Burials.