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AE-268 Crystal Oscillator part-2 (Hindi)
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This lesson discusses impedance vs frequency curve of crystal oscillator. It also discusses properties of crystal oscillator and previous years questions from GATE & ESE on crystal oscillator.

Shubham Kumar Dwivedi
Scientist at MeitY, Cracked ESE with AIR-11, Worked in BEL and Samsung, cleared written of BARC & ISRO, Love cricket, movies & teaching

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sir plzz do course on our pasts 3 history ...plzz sir
Manish Midha
2 years ago
you will get it by december end or january first week , in pointers form . :) keep sharing .
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ok sir
thank you so much Sir 😅
  1. CRYSTAL OSCILLATOR PART- Presented By:- Shubham Dubey

  2. About Me I am Shubham Dubey Secured AIR-11 in ESE-2017 in ECE stream Currently working as a Scientist Did B.Tech in ECE from JSS, Noida (UPTU) in 2014 Worked in Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) as Desigrn Engineer for 2 years Worked in Samsung India Electronics as Software Engineer for 1.4 years Secured AIR-630 in GATE-2017 & AIR-801 in GATE- 2014 Cleared written of BARC-2014,2015,2016; ISRO- 2015,2016,2017;AAl-2015

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  9. 7.1 Match the following List-l List-ll (a) Hartly (b) Wein-bridge (c) Crystal Low frequency oscillator (2) High frequency oscillator (3) Stable frequency oscillator (4) Relaxation oscillator (5) Negative Resistance oscillator (1) [1994: 2 Marks]

  10. 6.24 Consider the following statements related to oscillator circuits 1. The tank circuit of a Hartley oscillator is made up of a tapped capacitor and a common inductor. The tank circuit of a Colpitts oscillator is made up of a tapped capacitor and a common oscillator. 2. 3. The Wien Bridge oscillator is essentially a two-stage amplifier with an RC bridge in the first stage, and, the second stage serving as an inverter 4. Crystal oscillators are fixed frequency oscillators with a high Q-factor. Which of the above statements are correct? (a) 1, 2 and 3 only (b) 2, 3 and 4 only () 1,2 and 4 only (d) 1, 3 and 4 only [ESE-2016]