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AE-258 Previous years problems part-2 (Hindi)
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This lesson discusses previous years problems on oscillator circuits. It also discusses conclusions about RC phase shift oscillators.

Shubham Kumar Dwivedi
Scientist at MeitY, Cracked ESE with AIR-11, Worked in BEL and Samsung, cleared written of BARC & ISRO, Love cricket, movies & teaching

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  1. PREVIOUS YEARS PROBLEMS PART-2 Presented By:- Shubham Dubey

  2. About Me I am Shubham Dubey Secured AIR-11 in ESE-2017 in ECE stream Currently working as a Scientist Did B.Tech in ECE from JSS, Noida (UPTU) in 2014 Worked in Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) as Desigrn Engineer for 2 years Worked in Samsung India Electronics as Software Engineer for 1.4 years Secured AIR-630 in GATE-2017 & AIR-801 in GATE- 2014 Cleared written of BARC-2014,2015,2016; ISRO- 2015,2016,2017;AAl-2015

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  4. CN YV.rt0oun hf e < 4 4.54 an't be us, ,n Rc phom e (3) A

  5. 6.20 For an OP-Amp phase shift oscillation, the frequency of oscillations is (a) 2 RC 2 RC./3 [ESE-2015]

  6. 6 The oscillator circuit shown in ideal inverting amplifier. Its frequency of os (in Hz) is the figure has an cillation (D) (2tRC) (VeRC) [2003 2 Marks]

  7. 6.7 An amplifier will generate stable sinusoidal oscillations if we provide feedback such that (a) its poles lie close to jo-axis in the right half of s-plane s-plane s-plane (b) its poles lie close to jo-axis in the left half of (c) its poles lie on the +ve real axis in pli awhere in s-plane [ESE-2002]

  8. Poiton of pol tm output waurfonv /rm inmy Re

  9. 6.10 Three amplifiers each of gain (A./2) and producing a phase of 60 are connected in tandem. The feedback loop is closed through a positive gain of 0.008. What should be the value of Ap for the system to be oscillatory? (a) +10 (c) +250 (b) -10 (d) +83.3 [ESE-2005]

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