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AE-261 Previous years problems part-3 (Hindi)
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This lesson discusses previous years problems from GATE & ESE on wein bridge oscillator circuit.

Shubham Kumar Dwivedi
Scientist at MeitY, Cracked ESE with AIR-11, Worked in BEL and Samsung, cleared written of BARC & ISRO, Love cricket, movies & teaching

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  1. PREVIOUS YEARS PROBLEMS PART-3 Presented By:- Shubham Dubey

  2. About Me I am Shubham Dubey Secured AIR-11 in ESE-2017 in ECE stream Currently working as a Scientist Did B.Tech in ECE from JSS, Noida (UPTU) in 2014 Worked in Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) as Desigrn Engineer for 2 years Worked in Samsung India Electronics as Software Engineer for 1.4 years Secured AIR-630 in GATE-2017 & AIR-801 in GATE- 2014 Cleared written of BARC-2014,2015,2016; ISRO- 2015,2016,2017;AAl-2015

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  4. 7.3 The configuration of the figure is a R1 R2 C

  5. (a) Precision integrator (b) Hartley oscillator (c) Butterworth high pass filter (d) Wien-bridge oscillator [2000: 1 Mark] 5

  6. 6.8 Assertion (A): Wien bridge oscillator is generally used as a variable audio frequency oscillator. Reason (R): By varying either the capacitor or resistor value in one of the arms of the bridge, the frequency of the Wien bridge oscillator can be varied 6

  7. of Crequired for sinusoidal oscillations 7.7 The value of frequency 1 kHz in the circuit of the figure is 2.1 KS2 out 1 KS2 (a) (b) 2 .F 2 (C)2rVe [2004 2 Marks]

  8. C:1/ c_

  9. 7.2 Value of R n the oscillator shown in the given figure. So chosen th just oscillates at an angular frequencies of"ay. The value of and the required value of Rwill respectively be 1O0 kS2 10 mH 1 kS2 (a) 105 rad/sec, 2 >< 104 (b) 2 >< 104 rad/sec, 2 >< 104 (c) 2>< 104 rad/sec, 105 (d) 105 rad/sec, 105 L1996 : 2 Marks] 9

  10. No ( a M

  11. R, 5 k /2 YIK