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AE-255 RC Phase Shift Oscillator using op-amp (in Hindi)
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This lesson discusses RC phase shift oscillator using op-amp. It also discusses frequency of oscillation & condition for oscillation of this circuit.

Shubham Kumar Dwivedi
Scientist at MeitY, Cracked ESE with AIR-11, Worked in BEL and Samsung, cleared written of BARC & ISRO, Love cricket, movies & teaching

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there is no +ve feedback then how it is oscillator?
feedback voltage directly applied to input terminal..and source voltage is zero. Vi = Vf or Vi= Vs+Vf where Vs=0 so there is positive feedback
when feedback is directly applied to input then there will be positive feedback automatically
can I say same thing in voltage follower because in that circuit feedback is directly applied to input ?
or not because input is present there?
in voltage follower, feedback is applied to inverting terminal, not directly between input terminals of op-amp.. so there is negative feedback.. if feedback had been applied to non inverting terminal, it would have been positive feedback. Remember, input terminals of op-amp: Vi= Vp-Vn
Anit Gahlot
a month ago
tan inverse 0 is not equal to 180°
thank you so much sir. aap jese hi teacher ki talash thi.
Practical case its providing AROUND 60...not exactly even after connected 3 rc networks if we are unable to get exact 360,then how to resolve the situation?.
we adjust values of R & C to get 360 phase
if the phaseshift provided is slightly greater than 360...then will it act as oscillator?
practically, it is very difficult to get 360 phase.. if we want to get exact 180 phase from beta network, required condition of oscillation can be found out using AB=1
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