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76 to 85 MCQs Commerce July 2018 (in Hindi)
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Here Navdeep Kaur is discussing 76 to 85 MCQs

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Navdeep Kaur
JRF Awardee, NET qualified with over 7 years of teaching experience & Expert in NTA UGC NET JRF.

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mam aapne 77 wrong btaya hai aapne bola saare shi h or mark 1st pr kiya h jahan 3rd option wrong kaha h jbki wo thk hai.plz chk again i think it should be 3
mam 77 th ques btana fr se
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  2. Home Explore Plus Login Signup Navdeep Kaur By Navdeep Kaur By Navdeep Kaur (Hindi) General Awareness and Test Series (Hindi) Test Series and General Awareness for CBSE UGC NET 2018 (Hindi) Polity Crash Course Paper 1 And Part 2 15 Lessons 19 Lessons 17 Lessons 1 ratings16 reviews 87 ratings 21 reviews 2 ratings 21 reviews By Navdeep Kaur By Navdeep Kaur By Navdeep Kaur (Hindi) Crash Course on People and Environment (Hindi) Paper 1 Revision and GA MCQs (Hindi) Coding Decoding for UGC NET Paper 1

  3. CBSE UGC NET JULY 2018 Commerce Paper 2 Part 4 Ans. Key Exam Analysis 76 to 100 MCQs

  4. 76. Match the items of List - II with the items of List I and select the correct code List I List II Risk related to purchasing power of Income. (b) Business Risk (ii) Risk related to Firm's capital structure. (c) Financial Risk ,jv (iii) Risk related to inability to pay its dues on time. (d) Inflation Risk(v) Risk related to fluctuation in profits. Code: (A (i ) (iv) i) (0)

  5. Statement Desianing a distribution system for a service (for-profit or non-business involves to select the parties only through which ownership will context) pass Statement (I): The owne rship channel for most of the services is long and quite complex because of inseparability characteris Statement (II) : Short channels usually mean more control on the part of the seller. ldentify the correct code of being the statements correct or incorrect. These statements relate o channel strategies of products/services. (1) Statements (1) and (II) are correct but (II) is not correct. (2) Statements () and (III) are correct but (II) is not correct. (3) Statements (I) and (II) are not correct but (III) is correct. Statements (I), (I) and (III) all are not correct.

  6. 78. An enormous collection of data on various topics from a variety of internal and external sources, compiled by a firm for its own use or for use by its clients, is called (1) Data-base (3) Data mining (2) Data warehouse Data warehousing is the electronic storage of a large amount of information by a business Data warehousing is a vital component of business intelligence that employs analytical techniques on business data. The concept of data warehousing was introduced in 1988 by IBM researchers Barry Devlin and Paul Murphy.

  7. 79. Statement (I: A form of non-store retailing that uses advertising to contact consumers s called Direct who, in turn, purchase products without visiting a retail store i selling. Statement (II: A form of non-store retailing in which personal contact between a sales person and a consumer occurs away from a retail store is called Direct Marketing In the light of above statements, identify the correct code of statements being correct or incorrect. (1) Statement (I) is correct but Statement (II) is not correct (2) Statement (I) is not correct but Statement (II) is correct. 3 Both the statements are correct. (4) Both the statements are not correct.

  8. What Is Direct Selling? What Is Direct Marketing? Direct selling is characterized by a consultant or representative that utilizes their personal connections to sell a product or service directly to consumers and is compensated for the sales they make. Direct selling is based on making and keeping personal relationships with the people you sell to, encouraging repeat business from customers Direct marketing is focused on advertising a product with the hopes that the advertisement will encourage a consumer to purchase a certain product or service. What makes this type of marketing direct is the audience that it targets-with direct marketing, a company does not intend their marketing material to spread worldwide, but rather throughout a certain region, or specifically to a certain type of person. Direct marketing is not necessarily meant to sell a product immediately, but rather set a consumer up to purchase the product in the future.

  9. e of the categories of diffusion process who are deliberate fall inon ust before the average adopter n a social system. Such economic measures, rely quite a bit on 80, 34% of the customers who customers to accept an innovation in social and customers who are abovea advertisements and salesmen are Early Adopters (2) Early Majority ) Late Majority 4) Late Adopters The G. E. Business Model is explained on which one of the following parameters 2 (2) Business Attractiveness and Market Position. (4) Company's Growth rate and Industry's Position. 81. Market Attractiveness and Business Position. Industry Growth rate and Company's Market share.

  10. 82. A reduction from the list price that is offered by a seller to buyers in payment for marketing unctions the buyers will perform is known as Trade Discount 2) Functional Discount (3) Cash Discount (4) Both Trade and Functional Discount Trade discounts, also called functional discounts, are payments to distribution channel members for performing some function. Examples of these functions are warehousing and shelf stocking.

  11. wing statemen ecific organizational intentions about what needs to be 84. Select the correct code of the follow ts being correct or incorrect. Strategic HRM focuses on sp done while HR strategies focus on long-term I II Strategic HRM focuses on n macro concerns such as structure and culture whi le HR III Human Resource strategy decisions are derived from strategic HRM. Code: Statements I and II are correct while III is incorrect. Statements II and III are correct while I is incorrect. Statements I and III are correct while II is incorrect. All the statements are correct. (1) (3) (4)

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