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11 to 21 MCQs with explanation (in Hindi)
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Here Navdeep Kaur is discussing 11 to 21 question from july 2018 UGC NET attempt Paper 2

Navdeep Kaur is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Navdeep Kaur
JRF Awardee, NET qualified with over 7 years of teaching experience & Expert in NTA UGC NET JRF.

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thank you maim your course is awesome thank you soooo much.. u keep smiling and continue it..
Prasanta Mehtani
2 years ago
My pleasure dear
Mam ap bhut hi jyada speed se bta ri h concept r not cleRed
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  3. CBSE UGC NET 8 JULY 2018 Commerce Paper 2 unacademy NAVDEEP KAUR Analysis

  4. not true ? Which one of the following statements is n (Z) An expenditure intended to benefit current year is revenue expenditure. 2 Amount paid for acquiring goodwill is capital expenditure. 11. ) Wages paid for installation of a new machine is usually debited to wages account. (4) Revenue expenditure is not intended to benefit future period. 12, X Ltd. forfeited 20 shares of 10 each, 8 called up, on which John had paid application and allotment money of 5 per share, of these, 15 shares were reissued to Parker as fully paid up for 6 per share. What is the balance in the share Forfeiture Account after the relevant amount has been transferred to Capital Reserve Account ? (1) NIL (2) 5 (3)25 (4) 100 13/ X and Y sharing profits in the ratio of 7:3, admit Z for 3/7 share in the new firm in which he takes 2/7 from X and 1/7 from Y. The new ratio of X, Y and Z will be (2) 4:2:3 (8) 14:6:15 (4) 29 11 30

  5. 10 70 LI-10_ 70 30

  6. 14. Assertion (A) A high operating ratio indicates a favourable position. Reasoning (R) : A high operafing ratio leaves a high margin to meet non operating expenses Code: (A) and (R) both are correct and (R) correctiy explains (A). (2) Both (A) and (R) are correct but (R) does not explain (A) (3) Both (A) and (R) are incorrect. (4) (A) is correct but (R) is incorrect. A low operating ratio means a high net profit ratio (i.e., more operating profit) and vice versa.

  7. regarding concept of profit. Indicate the correct code plus of total revenue over and above all paid-out rofit is a residual left after all contractual costs have to shareholders sufficient to maintain investment 15. The following are the two statements of the statements being correct or inco Statement (): Accounting rfit is nufacturing and overhead experises. Statement (I): Economic or pure pros transfer costs of management ncorrect costs, including both man been met, including the depreciation and payments at its current level. de: 1) )Both the statements are correct. (2) Both the statements are incorrect. (3) Statement (I) is correct while Statement (II) is incorrect. (4) Statement (I) is incorrect while Statement (II) is correct.

  8. Which one of the following sets is incorrect to show the inter-relationships among price 16. elasticity coefficient, change in price and change in total revenue ? Change in Total Revenue Increase Decrease Decrease Increase No change No change Decrease Increase Change in price Increase Decrease Price elasticity coefficient (1) Zero (2) Less than 1 Increase Decrease Increase Decrease (3) Equal to 1 More than 1 Increase Decrease

  9. Summary of Price Elasticity of Demand Price Elasticity of Demand: A Summary Impact on Total Revenue of a Absolute Value of Elasticity Coefficient Greater than 1 Demand Is: Elastic or relatively elastic Price Increase Total Revenue decreases Price Decrease Description Q, changes by a larger percentage Total Revenue increases than does price Equal to 1 Unit or unitary ,changes by the Total revenue is Total revenue elastic unchanged is unchanged same percentage as does price Less than 1 Inelastic or changes by a Total revenue Total revenue relatively inelastic decreases smaller percentage than does price increases

  10. ing is not the basic property of indifference curves Which one of the following 1) Indifference curves have a negative slo 17. the pe tutes are concave to the origin. Indifference curves of imperfect substi (3) Indifference curves do not intersect (4) Upper indifference curves indicate higher level of satisfaction nor are they tangent to one another -00818

  11. MRTSChange in capital input/change in labor input - (for a fixed level of q) Like indifference curves, isoquants are downward sloping and convex. The slope of the isoquant at any point measures the marginal rate of technical substitution-the ability of the firm to replace capital with labor while maintaining the same level of output. Capital per month 5 On isoquant q2, the MRTS falls from 2 to 1 to 2/3 to 73 -90 75 AL 1 91 = 55 (MPI)/(MPK)--(AK / 1.) = MRTS 2 3 Labor per month

  12. 20. A firm that produces highly substitute goods can adopt which one of the following pricing strategies ? (1) Transfer pricing (3) Product bundling Going Rate pricing 4) Full cost pricing 21. In a perfectly competitive market, a firm in the long run operates at the level of output where: (1) AC MC when MC is lowest (3) MR-MC MC AR MR when MC is lowest 4)AR MR -AC MC J-00818

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  14. Everything IS POssible Dream, believe, act, achieve Thank you! (9