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52 to 65 MCQs July 2018 commerce (in Hindi)
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Here Navdeep Kaur is discussing 52 to 65 MCQs on Commerce paper 2

Navdeep Kaur is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Navdeep Kaur
JRF Awardee, NET qualified with over 7 years of teaching experience & Expert in NTA UGC NET JRF.

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  2. Home Explore Plus Login Signup Navdeep Kaur By Navdeep Kaur By Navdeep Kaur (Hindi) General Awareness and Test Series (Hindi) Test Series and General Awareness for CBSE UGC NET 2018 (Hindi) Polity Crash Course Paper 1 And Part 2 15 Lessons 19 Lessons 17 Lessons 1 ratings16 reviews 87 ratings 21 reviews 2 ratings 21 reviews By Navdeep Kaur By Navdeep Kaur By Navdeep Kaur (Hindi) Crash Course on People and Environment (Hindi) Paper 1 Revision and GA MCQs (Hindi) Coding Decoding for UGC NET Paper 1

  3. CBSE UGC NET JULY 2018 Commerce Paper 2 Part 3 Ans. Key Exam Analysis

  4. defines the correct meaning of the term "boundary Which one of the following statements spanning? 50. f an individual, firm or institution to account for its activities ers to an obligation o and accept responsibility for them (2) It refers to the process that helps the organization and its employees to link with their helps cific activities/functions external environment through spe (3) It refers to the science of morals principles and rules of conduct (4) It refers to multiculturism management. 51. The VRIO framework, used in HR function in today's era, refers to four criteria. Identify the correct code which stands as correct explanation to VRIO as proposed by Barney (1) Valence - Recruiting- Industrial relations- Opportunities 2) Vision - Rewards - Improvements- Options (3) Value-Rarity-imitability. Organization Versatile-Resource-Information-Outsourcing

  5. Induction is an informal information sharing session on miscellaneous issues in an organization. 52. Assertion (A) : Reakoning(): The atonale ofinducion is to ensure effective integration of staf i Reasoning (R) : The across the organization for their mutual benefit. Code: )Assertion (A) and Reasoning (R) both are correct and (R) is correct explanation of (A) Assertion (A) and Reasoning (R) both are correct but (R) is not the correct explanation (2) of (A) Assertion (A) is correct stat Assertion (A) is an incorret statement but Reasoning (R) is a correct statement. (3) ement but Reasoning (R) is an incorrect statement. (4)

  6. Match the items of List- II with the items d select the code of co in performance management systems ; an 53. pertaining to the ranking methods used List I Ranking methods) select the code of correct matching List II (Methodology) (a) Simple ranking (0 Based on overall performance. n ranking i) Ends up with predetermined number of people in (c) Paired comparison (d) Forced distribution Code: (ii) Based on particular trait only for quantity/quality (iv) Based on a trait or a set of trait and avoids central each group. of work. tendency

  7. 54. Assertion (A): Compensation has two vital domains economic concept and psychological concept Reasoning (R): Compensation basically represents an employment contract. Code: (A) is correct and (R) is right explanation of (A). (2) (A) is correct but (R) is not the right explanation of (A) (3) (A) is correct but (R) is incorrect. (4) (A) is incorrect but (R) is correct. 55. Which of the following is not the primary objective of industrial relations and labour laws? () Maintaining social equity Providing credit facilities to industries (4) (1) Maintaining social equity International uniformity Promoting economic growth

  8. 56. Assertion (A) : In real terms, workers participation in management has failed in India. Reasoning (R) : There is lack of attitudinal change, multiplicity of unions and absence of a procedure to determine a sole bargaining agent in an organization. Code: (A) is correct and (R) is correct explanation of (A). 2) (A) is correct but (R) is not the correct explanation of (A) (3) (A) is correct but (R) is incorrect. (4) (A) is incorrect but (R) is correct.

  9. 57. Which one of the following is not the func ABARD2 nctio To provide refinance assistance by way of short term credit to state cooperative banks and sectoral rural banks, etc., To undertake inspection of cooperati and RRBs (1) approved by the RBI for some specific purposes. p (2) tion of cooperative societices esother than primary cooperative societies ve societi To promote research in various aspects of the problems of urban development. To subscribe to share capital or invest in securities of any institution concerned with (4) agricultural and rural development 58. Which one of the following financial institutions co-ordinates the functions and operations contribute ial institutions into a single integrated financial structure so that each may contribute to the growth of the economy 1IFCI (2) UTI (3) IDBI (4) SIDBI

  10. 59. Assertion (A): The Reserve Bank of India is entrusted with the management of the public debt and issue of new loans and treasury bills on behalf of the central and state Governments. Reasoning (R) : The Governor and the Deputy Governors of Reserve Bank of India are appointed by the Central Government. Code: (1) (A) is correct but (R) is not correct. (3) (4) ) and (R) both are correct but (R) is not the right explanation of (A). (A) and (R) both are correct and (R) is the right explanation of (A). (A) and (R) both are not correct. 60. refers to the process of removing or stripping the legal status of a currendy (1) Digitisation 3 (2) Financial Inclusion (4) Micro finance emonetisation

  11. Which one of the following is the mainobjectiveofLFCI 62. To offer both small and arge means of prosperity resulting from the steady industrial growth of the country. e investors the means of acquiring shares in the widening modernization and to promote marketing of products of small (e) To upgrade technology, scale sector. To serve as the apex institution for term finance for industry with c and supervision of the working of other financial institution. regulation To provide medium and long term financial assistance to industrial undertakings, particularly in those circumstances in which banking accommodation is in appropriate or resource to capital market is impracticable.

  12. 64. Assertion (A):nexort pressing d to Assertion (A): An export processing zone is different from free trade zone as it promotes units primarily devo Reaoning (R) : Goods imported to a free trade zone may be re-exported without a processing, in the same form. But expected to have undergone some value addition by manufacturing/ processing , goods exported by units in an EPZ are Code: XA) is correct and (R) is correct explanation of (A). (2) (A) is correct but (R) is not the correct explanation of (A). (3) (A) is correct but (R) is incorrect. (4) (A) is incorrect but (R) is correct.

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  14. Everything IS POssible Dream, believe, act, achieve Thank you! (9