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22 to 51 MCQs commerce (in Hindi)
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Here Navdeep Kaur is discussing 22 to 51 MCQs from Commerce paper 2 July 2018

Navdeep Kaur is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Navdeep Kaur
JRF Awardee, NET qualified with over 7 years of teaching experience & Expert in NTA UGC NET JRF.

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why are you in so hurry ...not explaining single question completely.
mam commerce ka paper hindi language me ni hai kya pls ho to video Bana do reet ka lekhapal ka Mem varg 1 sanvindha ki exam ke pettern pr Bana do video old paper account or business studies pls mem
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  2. Home Explore Plus Login Signup Navdeep Kaur By Navdeep Kaur By Navdeep Kaur (Hindi) General Awareness and Test Series (Hindi) Test Series and General Awareness for CBSE UGC NET 2018 (Hindi) Polity Crash Course Paper 1 And Part 2 15 Lessons 19 Lessons 17 Lessons 1 ratings16 reviews 87 ratings 21 reviews 2 ratings 21 reviews By Navdeep Kaur By Navdeep Kaur By Navdeep Kaur (Hindi) Crash Course on People and Environment (Hindi) Paper 1 Revision and GA MCQs (Hindi) Coding Decoding for UGC NET Paper 1

  3. CBSE UGC NET JULY 2018 Commerce Paper 2 Part 2 Ans. Key Exam Analysis

  4. 22. Assignment of numerals to the objects to represent their attributes is known as t) Nominal data (2) Ordinal data () Interval data (4) Ratio data A graph of a cumulative frequency distribution is called: (1) Frequency polygon (3) Ogive 23. Frequency curve (4) Pie diagram 24. In the case of classification of data, the class having its upper limit is treated as the lower limit of its next class is called (1) Open ended class Exclusive class (2) (4) Close ended class Inclusive class

  5. Scale Operation Examples Location Dispersion Association Test Nominal Equality Numbering of players Mode Chi-squar Ordinal Greater or less Hardness of minerals Street numbers Raw scores Median Percentiles Rank-order correlation Sign test Run test Distance Temperature: Celsius Position, Time Standard scores(?) Arithmetic mean Standard deviation Product-moment correlation Interval t-test F-test Ratio Ratio Length, Density Temperature: Kelvin Brightness: brils Numerosity (Counts) Geometric Percent variation Position, Time Loudness:sones mean Harmonic Mean

  6. (o) 25. For a standard normal pro a standard normal probability distribution, the mean () and the standard deviation 0, 1 25, -5 (2) (4) -16, -4 =100, = 10 (3) 26. Match the items of List II with the items of List- I and select the code of correct matching List I List II (a) Standard error of mean (i) Values based on all the observations of (b) Base of point estimate of (c) Non-specific hypothesis (d) Parameter value of descriptive statistics (iv) Standard deviation of the sampling Code: the mean of the population the population (ii) Mean of the sampling distribution of mean distribution of mean v 10(i) (i) (v)

  7. 27. There is a very high inverse relationship between measures of 'Overweight and 'life expectancy. Which one of the following value of the coefficient of correlation is consistent with the statement ? (1) 0.80 30,20(4) 0.80

  8. 28. Match the items of List- II with the items o f List - I and select the code of correct matching. List I (e) Chisquare Testestnewo sh List II Testing the significance of the differences of the mean among more than two sample groups. ) Testing the goodness of fit of a distribution (ii) Testing the significance of the difference of the mean VA (F-test) (c) Z- test values between two large sized samples (d) t-test (iv) Testing the significance of the difference of the mean values between two small sized samples when population standard deviation is not available Code:

  9. 29. Match the items of List II with List I and choose the correct code: List I List II (a) Sales Executive (i) Top-middle Management (b) Branch Manager ) Middle Management (c) Foreman V (iii) Lower Management (d) Production Manag (iv) Operating Force Code: (iv) (ii) (ii) (iii) (iii) (iv) (i) (i)

  10. Select the correct code of the statements being correct or incorrect It is a significant feature of human that he plans 30. Statement (II A plan is a trap to capture the future. Code: (1) Statement (1) is correct but (II) is inco 2 Statement (II) is correct but (1) is inco Both the statements () and (I) are co (4) Both the statements (I) and (II) are 1s incorrect. correct.

  11. Assertion (A): Management is a set of principles relating to its functions. " ing (R : Management is essential to run all types of organizations Code: (A) and (R) both are correct ; and (R) is the right explanation of (A) 2(A) and (R) both are correct ; but (R) is not the right explanation (A). (3) Both (A) and (R) are incorrect. (4) (A) is correct ; but (R) is incorrect

  12. Functional Leadership Theory is associated with Hackman and Walton and McGrath 35. Bernard and Ordway Tead Koontz and O'Donnel (2) (4) Alford and Beatty

  13. 40. Statement (T): The mindset which is commonly associated with a long- ago era when the demand for goods generally exceeded the supply, and the primary focus in the customers was viewed as a relatively major function. The firms with product orientation typically focus on the quality and quantity of offerings while assuming that customers will seek out and buy reasonably priced, well made products. Statement (II): From the above statements indicate the correct code of being statements correct or incorrect The statements relate to concepts of marketing. (1) Both the statements (I) and (II) are not correct (2) Both the statements (1) and (II) are correct. (3) Statement (I) is correct but statement (II) is not correct. (4) Statement (I) is not correct but statement (II) is correct.

  14. 42. Match the items of List II with List I which are related to personal selling process and identify the correct code: List I List II (a) Prospecting I ) Attention, Interest, Desire, Action (b) Preapproach (ii) Identifying Profiles, leads, Records and Qualifying capability and willingness (ii) Reduce Dissonance, Build goodwill (c) Presentation (d) Post sales services (iv) Information, habits, preferences Code: iV

  15. ch to the Capital Structure? (2) Net Operating Income Approach 43. ch of the following is not an approa (1) Gross Profit Approach (3) Net Income Approach Modigliani and Miller Approach 44. Which one of the following methods of Capital Budgeting assumes that cash-inflows ar reinvested at the project's rate of return (1) Net Present Value (3) Internal Rate of Return (2) Accounting Rate of Return Discounted Pay Back Period Cost of Equity Share Capital is more than cost of Debt because: (1) 45. Equity shares are not easily saleable. Equity shares do not provide the fixed dividend rate. Generally the face value of equity shares is less than the face value of debentures. Equity shares have high risk than debts. (2) 3)

  16. Negative Net Working Capital implies that: (1) Long-term funds have been used for fixed assets (2) Short-term funds have been used for fixed assets. 46. Long-term funds have been used for current assets (4) Short-term funds have been used for current assets. 47. Which of the following is an implicit cost of increasing proportion of debt of a company ? P.E. Ratio of the company would increase. (2) Rate of return of the company would decrease. (3) Tax-shield would not be available on new debts. (4)Equity shareholders would demand higher return. 48. Profitability Index of a Project is the ratio of present value of cash inflows to : l) Total cash inflows 2 Total cash outflows (3) Present value of cash outflonitial cost minus Deprec I cost minus Depreciation

  17. defines the correct meaning of the term "boundary Which one of the following statements spanning? 50. f an individual, firm or institution to account for its activities ers to an obligation o and accept responsibility for them (2) It refers to the process that helps the organization and its employees to link with their helps cific activities/functions external environment through spe (3) It refers to the science of morals principles and rules of conduct (4) It refers to multiculturism management. 51. The VRIO framework, used in HR function in today's era, refers to four criteria. Identify the correct code which stands as correct explanation to VRIO as proposed by Barney (1) Valence - Recruiting- Industrial relations- Opportunities 2) Vision - Rewards - Improvements- Options (3) Value-Rarity-imitability. Organization Versatile-Resource-Information-Outsourcing

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  20. 7 Virtual memory is (1) an extremely large main memory (2) an extremely large secondary memory (3) an illusion of an extremely large memory (4) a type of memory used in supercomputers

  21. 7 Virtual memory is (1) an extremely large main memory (2) an extremely large secondary memory (3) an illusion of an extremely large memory (4) a type of memory used in supercomputers IS Virtual memory is a memory management capability of an OS that uses hardware and software to allow a computer to compensate for physical memory shortages by temporarily transferring data from random access memory (RAM) to disk storage.