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4-Minerals and Growth Factors
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Inorganic minerals, oils and fats, growth factors, Importance of growth factors - Vitamins, Amino acids, fatty acids.

Malini Sundar Rajan
AIR20(GATE Biotech, 2017) DBT-JRF(Category-I fellowship, 2016) AIR19 (GATE Biotech, 2012) AIR10 (CSIR-NET Life Sciences, 2011)

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  1. Media Formulation By Malini Sundar Rajan B.E. Biotechnology (PESIT, Bangalore) M. Tech. Biotechnology (VIT, Vellore) GATE (BT) 2012-AIR 19 GATE(BT) 2017-AIR 20 Freelance Content Writer Unacademy profile: 4 - Minerals, oils and fats, Growth factors

  2. Target Audience . GATE aspirants DBT-JRF-BET CSIR-UGC-NET JNU Other competitive exams . Students from any branch of biosciences and biotechnology and related fields. Anyone wishing to learn bioprocess basics

  3. Overview and Lesson Plan 1. Overview and Introduction 1. What is Media? 2. Why is it used? 3. Types of media 2. Carbon Source 3. Nitrogen Source and Buffers 4. Minerals, Oils and Fats, Growth Factors 5. Inducers and Inhibitors; Antifoams

  4. Inorganic Minerals Macronutrients . Phosphorous Potassium Calcium Magnesium Sulphur Micronutrients . Boron Molybdenum Copper Zinc Manganesecritical for secondary metabolism Iron . Chloride

  5. Oils and Fats . Used as antifoaming agents Rarely used as sole carbon source Vegetable oils used as carbon source for their fatty acid content: .Oilve oil Maize oil . Cottonseed oil Linseed oil . Soyabean

  6. Growth Factors Vitamins . Related to coenzyme function Required in small quantity Ex - calcium pantothenate is used for vinegar production; biotin is required in medium for production of glutamic acid Amino acids Available individually or as casein hydrolysate Sterols and Fatty acids

  7. Next lesson >> Components of Media Carbon source Nitrogen source . Buffer Minerals, Oils and fats, Growth Factors Inducers and inhibitors; Antifoams

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