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1- Overview, Course Plan and Introduction
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What is growth medium? What are the different types of growth media? How are they formulated? This lesson is an overview. It provides introduction and course plan.

Malini Sundar Rajan
AIR20(GATE Biotech, 2017) DBT-JRF(Category-I fellowship, 2016) AIR19 (GATE Biotech, 2012) AIR10 (CSIR-NET Life Sciences, 2011)

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do you people also help in numerical
do you people also help in numerical
do you people also help in numerical
do you people also help in numerical
  1. Media Formulation By Malini Sundar Rajan B.E. Biotechnology (PESIT, Bangalore) M. Tech. Biotechnology (VIT, Vellore) GATE (BT) 2012-AIR 19 GATE(BT) 2017-AIR 20 Freelance Content Writer Unacademy profile: 1- Overview, Introduction and Course Plan

  2. Target Audience . GATE aspirants DBT-JRF-BET CSIR-UGC-NET JNU Other competitive exams . Students from any branch of biosciences and biotechnology and related fields. Anyone wishing to learn bioprocess basics

  3. Overview and Lesson Plan 1. Overview and Introduction 1. What is Media? 2. Why is it used? 3. Types of media 2. Carbon Source 3. Nitrogen Source and Buffers 4. Minerals, Oils and Fats, Growth Factors 5. Inducers and Inhibitors; Antifoams

  4. Growth Medium (pl. Media ) or Culture Medium Solid, liquid or semisolid material designed to support the growth of cells or microorganisms. Types of Media Media Complex or Undefined Synthetic or Chemically Purpose Growth of heterotrophic organisms Growth of specific heterotrophs, chemoautotrophs, photoautotrophs and microbiological assays Suppress unwanted microbes Encourage desired microbes Distinguish colonies of specific microbes from others Similar to selective, designed to increase the number of desired microorganisms to detectable level without stimulating other members of the population Growth of obligate anaerobes Defined Selective Differential Enrichment Reducing

  5. Next lesson >> Components of Media Carbon source Nitrogen source . Buffer Minerals, Oils and fats, Growth Factors Inducers and inhibitors; Antifoams

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