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2-Carbon Sources
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Carbon sources used in fermentation. Why use carbon source? Glucose, sucrose, alcohol, hydrocarbons as carbon sources.

Malini Sundar Rajan
AIR20(GATE Biotech, 2017) DBT-JRF(Category-I fellowship, 2016) AIR19 (GATE Biotech, 2012) AIR10 (CSIR-NET Life Sciences, 2011)

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  1. Media Formulation By Malini Sundar Rajan B.E. Biotechnology (PESIT, Bangalore) M. Tech. Biotechnology (VIT, Vellore) GATE (BT) 2012-AIR 19 GATE(BT) 2017-AIR 20 Freelance Content Writer Unacademy profile: 2- Carbon Sources

  2. Target Audience . GATE aspirants DBT-JRF-BET CSIR-UGC-NET JNU Other competitive exams . Students from any branch of biosciences and biotechnology and related fields. Anyone wishing to learn bioprocess basics

  3. Overview and Lesson Plan 1. Overview and Introduction 1. What is Media? 2. Why is it used? 3. Types of media 2. Carbon Source 3. Nitrogen Source and Buffers 4. Minerals, Oils and Fats, Growth Factors 5. Inducers and Inhibitors; Antifoams

  4. Why do we need Carbon Source? Carbon forms majority of cellular biomass. It is constituent of all organic matter. Autotrophs obtain carbon through atmospheric carbon dioxide by using energy from sunlight or inorganic compounds S. . All other organisms obtain carbon from organic nutrients The carbon source has dual role source of carbon and source of energy.

  5. Carbon Sources Carbohydrates Xylose Alcohols Glucose Methanol . Sucrose . Lactose .Ethanol . Glycerol Maltose Starch Dextrin . Carboxylic acids Acetic Acid . Inulin . Hydrocarbons Methane n-butane n-pentane n-paraffins . Cellulose Fats and oil Used as antifoam agents

  6. Carbon Source Products antibiotics, steroids, amino acids, butyric acid, tartaric acid, xanthan gum, heteropolysaccharides Baker's yeast, citric acid, acetone, butanol, organic acids Antibiotics, cheese, ethanol, lactic acid, SCP Brewing Acetone, butanol, etc. Supplied as Powder, paste, syrup Glucose Sucrose Molasses Lactose Maltose Starch Pure form or as component from potatoes, wheat, corn etc Cellulose Ethanol, SCP Used as substrate in fermentation products, break down produces levulin and fructose Antibiotic production Glucose isomerase enzyme Inulin Dextrin Xylose

  7. Products SCP SCP, vinegar Antibiotic and steroid fermentation Pectinases SCP Biomass, citric acid, organic acids. Carbon Source Methanol Ethanol Glycerol Carboxylic Acids n-butane, n-pentane n-paraffins

  8. Next lesson >> Components of Media Carbon source Nitrogen source Buffer Minerals, Oils and fats, Growth Factors Inducers and inhibitors; Antifoams

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