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2nd November, 2016: Daily Summary and Analysis of The Hindu
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In this lesson, Deepanshu covers news related to FCRA, equal pay for equal work, LARR act, RCEP, PMI, Safar air quality, 3 new schemes launched in Haryana, China's J-20 stealth fighter jets etc.

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Deepanshu Singh
Faculty- Indian Polity and Current Affairs| UPSC CSE Reserve list 2015| Consultant-G.O.I. Loves Geography Teaching since 2015

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sir u haven't uploaded any videos of three phase converters?
NHRC~A TOOTHLESS BODY >> its recommendations are not binding >> NHRC cannot investigate a case if complaint was made more than one year after the incident.>>The act does not extend to the state of Jammu & Kashmir. Hence NHRC cannot investigate incidents of human rights violation there. >> NHRC powers with respect to investigating cases of human rights violation by armed forces are limited. >> Protection of human rights act 1993 does not categorically empower NHRC to investigate matters of human rights violation by private parties. >> NHRC do not have any kind of contempt powers thus it cannot penalize authorities who do not implement its recommendations in a time bound manner.
Unacademy maintains the quality once more, focus on editorial was really good as almost everyone can read news item and understand them unlike the editorial
Sir I m going to give civil service exam 2018.Should I start to focus on current affairs or focus on static portion right now?...... Do answer sir.
3 years ago
No last 2 year is more than sufficient.
3 years ago
Read only static portion All the best
Triveni Das
3 years ago
Thanks sir ji…..................
Pradeep Kumar
3 years ago
Hi, Triveni Das. Don't 100% neglect current affairs, Do read main articles and relate to static portion.
Sir I am a first year college student . Should I prepare for current affairs from now or should I start preparing for it at some later point .....Please do reply.
Raunak Sinha
3 years ago
Current affairs preparation is never can build your basics through new things that you encounter in the newspaper.
Pradeep Kumar
3 years ago
Hi sharshash khand, please watch Roman sir's lesson.
Oridance power given to the President by the constitution when a matter requires urgent legislation when the parliament is not in the session. But most of times the incumbent government passes the ordinance when it faces difficult to pass the bill in parliament, it pass the ordinance just even after the week of completion of it's session. The constitution has given the legislation power only to the parliament, President ordinance is a process during legislation after the once the parliament session starts. Ordinance making power of the President s misusing by bypassing the legislative actions to be taken by the people elected parliament. This method of passing the law now and then is unconstitutional, ordinance can only be promulgated only the matter is of urgent importace, if not the divers people's opinions can't be voiced. Another problem is reproduction of the ordinances that is passing the ordinances repeatedly. In the Dr. Washes case SC stated that ordinance can be repromulgated only in the extraordinary cases.
Deepanshu Singh
3 years ago
Good effort but also answer the first part of the question

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  3. FRONT PAGE Notice sent to Zakir Naik's NGO on foreign funds (GS-2) . Home Ministry served a show cause notice to IRF - cancelling its FCRA license. Prior permission category- also RBI has to be informed for every transaction. Post-Diwali pollution spike worst in 5 years (GS-3) .SAFAR- average levels of PM 2.5 were 5 times the standard, 'Very-Poor' category . Weather not favorable for Dispersion Q:-short,mediumand longterm-plans by Govt. to deal with pollution Xuan Zang to build another bridge to India (GS-1/2) Chinese diplomats are using the famous traveler's legacy to rekindle 'cooperation themed seminar on "Xuan Zang and China-India Friendly Interactions" next week will trace the philosopher's role "in strengthening Indo-China relations." Relations have dipped lately between the two neighbors. . .

  4. OP-1 Winking at the States (GS-2) Unable to amend LARR-2013, Fin. Min. encouraged States to draft and pass their own laws for land acquisition and get them approved by the Centre. Tamil Nadu and Gujarat made amendments, Telangana and Rajasthan ready with their own versions. Concerns- allows States to acquire Land without having to satisfy any of the crucial safeguards such as the right to consent, social impact assessment and, even rehabilitation and resettlement. . . Use of Article 254(2) give rise to three grave issues- .Article 254(2)- if genuine hurdle in central laws implementation and not to weaken central laws. . Presidential Assent-President must act deliberately and consciously and not merely on the advice of the Council of Ministers. (can be judicially reviewed) in case observed [Kaiser-I-Hind Pvt. Ltd. v National Textile Corporation, 2002, SC]. .Central Govt. trying to undermine Parliament, breaching the provisions of Article 254(1) . Such an attempt is similar to so called "colourable legislation" (laws that government is not qualified to pass, disguised as other laws). These should not go unchecked and make a complete mockery of the very idea of a Concurrent List in the Constitution, which must be considered as an integral part of its basic structure. .

  5. NATIONAL SC verdicts talked tough against security personnel on fake encounters (GS-2) Latest judgment of Hon'ble SC in this regard is, "PUCL V Maharashtra" (2014). . Even provision of death Sentence', Listed 16 guidelines for State Govts. to comply g of encounter killings mandatory. Lesser wages for equal work is violation of human dignity: SC Terming the denial of equal pay for equal work to daily wagers, temporary, casual and contractual employees 'exploitative enslavement' . Welfare state. . India-a signatory to Article 7 of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights of 1966 Three new scheme launched by PM in Haryana . Deen Dayal Jan Awas yojana- Housing for all-2022 at in small/medium potential towns Automation of Fair price shops- Aadhar based Kerosene free Haryana- Target 31 march, 2017 .

  6. INTERNATIONAL China unveils J-20 stealth fighter jet (GS 2/3) J-20 stealth fighter jet-it is the first indigenously-made fifth-generation Chinese aircraft which Pakistan has shown interest in acquiring. Major implications for India . India, Nepal to decide on open skies (GS-2/3) India is set to hold bilateral talks with Nepal under its new civil aviation policy to allow unlimited flight services with SAARC countries .Also talks with- Netherlands and Sweden Recent MoU with Greece for 'open-skies' To decide seats entitlements and no. of flights that airlines can fly. .

  7. BUSINESS Manufacturing PMI at 22 Month High (GS-3) India's factory activity rose for the tenth consecutive month to a 22-month high in October . The Manufacturing Purchasing Managers' Index, compiled by Nikkei and Markit, reported a value of 54.4 in October, up from 52.1 in September . Significance: The PMI is an indicator of the economic health of the manufacturing sector . Meaning: A reading above 50 indicates expansiorn RCEP MEMBERS WORRY OVER MARKET ACCESS TO CHINA (GS-2) Forthcoming ministerial meeting on RCEP, concerns of other 15 A-P members including India . Over greater access to Chinese goods and issues of dumping, elimination of tariffs etc. Cess plan could mean 10 different GST rates (GS-3) Fin. Ministry has proposed differential cess rates under the GST regime > 26% rate . To ensure highest tax incidence on products like cigarettes, tobacco products and luxury commodities doesn't decline under the GST regime . Thus, complicating the structure, already 6 different proposed tax rates .GST council is tasked with finalizing the rates.

  8. QUESTIONS Misuse of Ordinance power by the Government and consequences of Parliament logjam. Analyze. 1. 2. RCEP a boon or bane for India? Critically analyze. 3. NHRC- a toothless body? Comment.