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24th November, 2016: Daily Summary and Analysis of The Hindu
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Through this lesson, Deepanshu covers the opinion on contempt of court and corruption in civil services . Then he goes on to cover the other National, International and business news.

Deepanshu Singh is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Deepanshu Singh
Faculty- Indian Polity and Current Affairs| UPSC CSE Reserve list 2015| Consultant-G.O.I. Loves Geography Teaching since 2015

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Sir average velocity zero kese ho sakta hai.. Agar koi object motion kar rha hai to fir uski velocity to hogi hi na..
Amanlal Gupta
4 months ago
when displacement will become zero i.e.,when object will return back to its initial position.
Gud evng sir .PLEASE HELP ME.. Currently a college student I will be giving my frst attmpt in 2018 .. And m following roman sir's two year time table .. But what problem m facing is that m.unable to make any notes of current affairs as I have my exams now. Can you please give me any guidance regarding the note making of current affairs ... I mean should I start making notes now for 2018 or it is okay if I start doing to from june 2017 ? I equally happy if any of my senior aspirants clears my doubt :) And thank you for your efforts sir :)
For now, you can just take screen shots of the slides as you have exams and just go through news paper daily without taking notes, but start taking notes immediately after the exam and try to do it by yourself on your own way. Because during revision only your notes will help you! as well as you can have a simplified language as per your understanding.
Aishwary Agrawal
3 years ago
I'm also struck with exact same problem. I think after exams we should make notes by just listing key-points as after it comes in habit, it will not take much time and effort and after few time it will be so smooth for us to become good in current-affairs
Sumeet Beniwal
3 years ago
Hmm I think you are right it should be done as soon as possible .. Thanku :) @vignesh sir @aishwary yups it's difficult and time consuming for someone like me who is not habitual of making notes from newspapers ..
Aishwary Agrawal
3 years ago
@Sumeet, you can try mobile-apps like Evernote to make notes simultaneously while reading newspaper as it's handy, if you are uncomfortable with writing on notebooks
Best way to improve: eliminate the root cause for the decline. The causes for decline 1)Not much profit gained especially in case of infrastructure projects- Government needs to provide impetus to private investment in infrastructure projects but offering more share from the profit once the project takes off instead of reducing the profit in the view of social sector 2)Long gestation period in Infrastructure projects- Viability Gap funding needs to be provided in a satisfactory as well as quick manner 3)More strenuous labor laws- Easing up labor laws and also ensure Ease Hire and Fire laws without deeply affecting labors. Delicate measures need to be taken as well as compensation needs to be provided for labor in case of economical injury- 4)Lack of Skilled labor and resources like land and Capital- Skill India, PM Kausal Vikas Yojana, UDAAN, STAR, Vocalization of education are increasing the skilled labor strength, we just need to make sure faster and efficient generation of skilled labor to effectively utilize the demographic dividend 5)Lack of funding from banks due to fear of NPA- NPA needs to be cleared as soon as possible, and more capital infusion for banks, MSME should be given more priority among the priority list as it has high potential of export and labor 6)Local Unavailability of quality raw materials- Steps needs to be taken to provide the industries with quality raw material by encouraging farmers to produce materials needed by the industries in locality, win win situation for both as farmer can earn more and transport cost can be reduced 7)Lack of infrastructure – PPP model should be established with concerned industries and government should gather more investment and should help the target industry by reducing their burden
Please review it and let me know of your comments.
Good points- though I think explanation of every point could be shortened to adhere to the word limit. Also a one sentence introduction could be added for a better answer structure. Overall clear and lucid ! Thank you!
Yes I tried to limit it by 200 words, but some how it crossed it. I will rectify it next time. Thank you so much for reviewing
I really like the way you made the slides. It's really very very crisp, I can just take screen shots instead of taking notes. Thank you so much!
What is your optional? You might also be preparing at the moment, right?
Sir, Im not able to relate The Hindus summary with current affairs questions completely. Is there something else too, that I should go through before solving these questions? Thank You
Neeraj chhikara
3 years ago
sometimes they add additional questions and related questions to the news which u cant know just by reading hindu summary.
Kiranpreet Kaur
3 years ago
Thanks, I'll go through the whole newspaper before solving the questions .
Neeraj chhikara
3 years ago

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  5. QUESTIONS . Suggest measures to increase the declining private sector investments in India. Comment


  7. OP-1 TREAT CONTEMPT WITH CONTEMPT (GS-2) . Freedom of Speech doesn't give the privilege to a person to say anything which "scandalises the court", History Colonial past case R v. Almon (1765) held that courts would lose all their authority if . Later on, sparingly used-- In 1974, the Phillimore Committee report that most scandalous attacks Regarding notice to Justice Katju i.e., which lowers a court's dignity or shakes public confidence in the judiciary. people were told that "Judges at their Chambers make Orders or Rules corruptly". against judges were best ignored because they usually came from "disappointed litigants or their friends" Also Judges used civil defamation laws, instead of contempt of court, to penalise wrongdoers. anyone for scandalizing the court Scandalizing the court was an offence in colonial India much in the same manner as it was in England at the time 1908 Bombay H.C. N.C.Kelkar publisher of BG.Tilak-'The Mahratta,

  8. OP-1 TREAT CONTEMPT WITH CONTEMPT (GS-2) . Constitution-> contempt of court was made an exception to the right to free speech, with very little debate in the Constituent Assembly but it made little difference-B case Perspective Publications v. State of Maharashtra, the Supreme Court (Justice Tarkunde) . Since Justice Katju has questioned the integrity of a Supreme Court judge as well, he could be held in contempt of court unless he is either able to prove that his allegations were true or he unconditionally . Contempt powers today are unnecessarily designed to try and maintain a good public image for the . A person's faith or confidence in a court will depend on the work that the court does, not on what people . However, the Courts must have the power to preserve the dignity and decorum of day-to-day apologises to the court- but is mere criticism liable to face contempt? judiciary. are publicly allowed to say about it. proceedings

  9. OP-2 CLOSE OUT THE WAR ON CORRUPTION (GS-2) - Civil Services Reforms . Post Demonetisation The government must now draw up a firm strategy to show the door to the corrupt and lax in higher bureaucracy -Rising graph of graft among Class 1 officers greed and also due to a declining fear of the law arising from the tortuous judicial processes which take an enormous amount of time in establishing conclusive proof against the guilty. urgent need to resort to tough stand to send down the message that neither sloth nor dishonesty would be permitted in the superior civil services. - A committee of officers known for their integrity-> drawing up list of officers to be axed reviewed by PM and his senior cabinet colleagues. - Organizations like ED, I-T Dept. and CBl- several cases of wrongdoings, have become instruments of harassment and torture " Situation dismal in states as well - State Anti-Corruption Bureaus (ACBs) are a joke in many States - Urgent steps needed to weed out this problem-> a test for the present Government.

  10. National and Business News