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23rd April 2017: Practice MCQs
how can the opposite of obey be order? request should have been the opposite of order. refuse should be the opposite of obey refuse means not willing to do something and obey means to do what someone says.
Palak Sharma
3 years ago
Hey Tamang, your doubt is very much valid as I had the same when I read ths question. But a li'l deep into the question and we'll know the difference. Actually, to refuse means not accepting or willing. That said, the word "order" means to direct someone to do an act. And obeying means to do that act. Hence, if you look from the point of view of a particular act, ordering it lies on one side and obeying it lies on the opposite side. Hence, the opposite of obey is order, according to the given question. Hope it's clear. If not, I'll try explaining in the upcoming lesson. :)