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Words About Other Words
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This lesson talks about certain words which will help you big time in improving the quality of your writing. The lesson talks about the origin, meaning, usage of the words in the sentences and the words as adjectives. Some of the words are Anticlimax, Smilie, and Redundance. Look out for fun pictures for better understanding and easy recalling.

Reema Behl
Building for Next Billion Users | Chief Editor: Blush Channel, Femina, NDTV | Jammu & Kashmir | Helping make English speaking easier for all

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Maja a gya sir Q3 Q7 wrong tha mera and Q6 and Q8 unattempted... Majadar Questions👍👌👌👌👌👌👌
Kindly explain everything in English not in Hindi please.
Hello Ma"am I will suggest a one thing please don't mind.In your fifth slide you mention some sentences in first sentence that is" We will go word by word".I think this is grammatically incorrect, we use "Word for word".
Hi Reema, I didn't understand simile to other lessons. This lesson having ambiguity and it's anticlimactic. May be I am not focused so I will redudently watch to understand better
hello ma'am your english is mind blowing. I got to learn many things by the way you speak. You use many phrases in the conversation. But some phrases are not very clear by the way you speak. You speak so fast. Please make subtitles of the video so that it could be easy to learn the phrases you use in the conversation. Please ma'am it's my request. Please make subtitles of the video.?
Bro. First of all you need to improve your listening and then learn English! If you can’t understand her English then how ll u listen to BBC.
maam aapse ye kehna chahta hu ki ye sab toh aap english medium student ko hi aur improve karne ke liye kar rahi hai, lekin unn regional language bolne wale aur unhi language mein padhne walo ka kya hoga jisne village mein rehkar english ke kuch words sikha hai, mein aapse pure regional language (specially hindi medium) student ke taraf se ye kehna chahta hu ki aap please apna lesson hindi mein banaye aur hindi mein samjhaye.kyunki jo english medium mein padhte hai wo to aasani se words sikh sakte hai lekin jo hindi medium mein high school kiya hai, unke liye help karna hi real mein madad hoga ,please try to undestand.
  1. Course: Fun ways to learn new words for everyday communication Lesson: Words about words Presented by Reema Behl

  2. About me Assistant Editor, Femina Word collector Theatre, Dance, Public speaking Course fee: CONTRIBUTE Follow me on at:

  3. What kind of words are we looking at? Anticlimax Analogy Ambiguity Simile Clich Euphemism Epigram Redundancy

  4. Why you should know them? Help you read better Hielp you understand the writer's point ofvwiow better Help you write better Help uou understand the writer's point of view better

  5. How should you approach the next two lessons? We will go word by word Explain the origin of each word Explain the ongin of Explain the meaning of each word Give an example of its usage Convert it into an adjective and use in a sentence

  6. Anticlimax Origin: Greelk nti: Opposite to Klimax: Ladder Opposite of climbing up/climbing down the ladder of importance

  7. Anticlima A gradual or sudden increase in the importance or impressiveness of what is sald It is the opposite of climax highest point of the ladder) t is the opposite of climax (highest point of the ladder A ridiculous drop in thought and expression

  8. Anticlimax The aliens that have come to take over planet Earth turn out to be unable to touch water and all die without need of human intervention.

  9. Anticlimax He lost his family, his car and his cell phone family, his car and his cell phorne

  10. Anticlimax...Anticlimactic Although the child anticipated that the gift would Althoush the child anticipated that the gift would ough the child anticipated that the git wou bring him endless enjoyment, it quickly turned into an anticlimactic experience

  11. Simile vs Metaphor Life is like a box of chocolates Life iS liKe a boX Of Chocolates My life is an open book.

  12. Redundand Redundancy deu The biggest, the greatest, the most stupendous film star on the planet, Shah Rukh Khan.

  13. Redundancy... Redundant I will revert back to you. The word back' I will revert back to you. The word 'bac here is redundant.