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Fun Ways To Learn New Words For Everyday Communication

718 ratings
71 reviews
Rudyard Kipling once said, "Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind." Here is a collection which will make you addicted to learning new words for your day to day communication. The collection kicks off by explaining why should anyone learn new words. It thereby picks up certain words which we can use to express our feelings with an easy tip to remember them as well as with fun visuals for the explanation. Reema gives a number of fun self-evaluation quizzes which would help all of us in evaluating how much we have grasped from this collection. The further lessons help us to determine and learn new words which can be used to describe different personality types and also various pictures are being used for easy remembrance.
Building for Next Billion Users | Chief Editor: Blush Channel, Femina, NDTV | Jammu & Kashmir | Helping make English speaking easier for all
718 ratings
71 reviews
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Roman Saini
reviewed on October 22, 2016
Really really fun way to learn new words. Please continue making lessons Reema.
Priyanka Yadav
reviewed on December 14, 2016
unacademy teachers awesome they deserve5 star. Keep it up Roman sir and all mentors , your efforts for students never unforgettable by those students who can't afford the high fees. And short time ppt is an awesome idea. Its don't make us bore and make lectures more intersecting. REEMA ma'am...
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