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Why Should We Improve Our Vocabulary?
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This lesson starts from the basic meaning of Vocabulary and why should anyone learn new words. The best part of this lesson is that Reema is helping us in self-evaluating our vocabulary level by presenting us with a fun quiz. She has also provided a brief about her upcoming lessons.

Reema Behl
Building for Next Billion Users | Chief Editor: Blush Channel, Femina, NDTV | Jammu & Kashmir | Helping make English speaking easier for all

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Excellent material and good teaching! Very useful..
I know that you have given correct antonym for generous but generous and selfish are two distinctively in there root meaning. And can not be antonym in true sense.Do you agree?
Hello..! Ma'am i'm very glad to see your lesson again.Really from every lesson i'm learning something new.And here i have given just 2 opp meanings that which you have asked for, so i think i've to learn more right ? i hope your courses may help me to learn more vocabularies..once again i thank you for making such awesome lessons....
How to download all these videos since i can't see it without downloading due to slow internet connection
2 years ago
U need credit (coins) and u can buy coins by making payment .If u are using it for first time , some credit must me given to you, check it
Love, hate, angry, shy, cry,fear from hearting myself,.
  1. ANNA W I/ Improve your Cndlush PKKA he Vacabilary Series

  2. ollection: The Vocabulary Series Chaster Au introduction.. introductUw. . apter

  3. Reena Bedl Asistat Et emia Wonl colector Theatre, DanePabic Peaking https:/ ReemaBehl

  4. Meaning THE The noun vocabulary (or vocab for short) refers to the words used in a language POWER OFWORDs anguage all of the words in a language the words used in a particular context the words an individual person knows

  5. Why learn? THE POWER OFWORDs Help you perform better Helps you learn better Helps you feel confident

  6. Take this test Opposites Generous Complicated.. Objective.... Dull....

  7. Score Evaluate How long did you take? How many words could you come up with? How many could you not answer? How long did vou take.?

  8. Score Evaluate Under I minute All 4 2 antonyms

  9. Score Evaluate Generous....Selfish, Stingy Complicated...Simple Complicate...Simplo Objective....Subjective Dull....Smart, Sharp, Sparkling

  10. Overview Words about feelings Words about human traits I/ Words about huma Words about theories Words that describe you Pop Quiz Sa G,O