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Word Root "mand/mend": Part 3 (in Hindi)
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I have described about important word roots with meanings and elaborated with the help of pictures in Hindi.

Neetu Rani
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Sir I follow you but today it is not showing, and I clicked a lot of time but it is not accepting. I don't know what to do
There must be technical glitch as not only this rather other issues like the video u had already watched is not updating.. They might fix it soon. HAPPY DIWALI :)
  1. WORD

  2. Roots of English Mand/Mend - To entrust, To order To fix

  3. taken 'MAND/MEND' as a ROOT which has a meaning. Mend: to fix (defects), to entrust. Mand: To order

  4. 1) Emend - (ee-mend) - make corrections and revisions to (a text).

  5. 3)Amendatory - (a-mend-a-tory) - tending or serving to improve; corrective

  6. 2) Remend- (re-mend) - to repair something and thus renew its usefulness Usage - To get a better job , you need to remend your resume and presentation skills.

  7. Commend (v) def: praise officially or formally. syn: praise, compliment, applaud, congratulate, salute honnor

  8. HELP

  9. 9) Countermand-(coun-ter-mand) - an order to revoke/cancel a previous order, to change or retract a command Usage - I am so afraid of my father that I never countermand any of his rules. REVOKED 10)Remand: - (remand) - to order back Usage -The judge remanded the case for further consideration.