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Word Root "jet/ject": Part 5 (in Hindi)
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I have described about important word roots with meanings and elaborated with the help of pictures in Hindi.

Neetu Rani
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Mam it's helpful Plz keep it up
Neetu Rani
8 months ago
Neetu Rani
8 months ago
COURSE NAME : - *Vocabulary Tricks : Target Govt Exams 2019 - Bank Exams* This is an awesome course which help you to remember difficult words in a very easy way by using short tricks and root words. Here, we will discuss a large number of words in a single lesson in a very interesting way.
Sonia Garg
8 months ago
OK mam thnku I will join it too
  1. WORD

  2. 456 Roots of English-38 Ject Throw

  3. Now today we have taken 'JECT/JET' as a ROOT which has a meaning : Throw

  4. 1) Jettison- (jet-ti-son ) - 'throw' out, to eliminate something Usage - Keep the good memories in your heart and jettison the bad ones

  5. 3) Conjecture- (kon-jek-tur) guess 'thrown' together, an opinion or idea formed without proof or sufficient evidence Usage - Why are you getting upset about something that is simply conjecture and has not been proven?

  6. PRTr

  7. 4)Trajectory- ( truh-jek-ter-ee) - path 'thrown' across, a course or route takern

  8. 5) Abject: - (ab-ject) - (of something bad) experienced or present to the maximum degree. Usage - When Simran failed in the exam, she was abject for weeks and would not leave her house.

  9. 9) Interject:-(in-ter-jekt) - to cut in on another person's statement by making a remark , 'throw' between Usage - In Mr. Roy's classroom, you are not allowed to interject when another person is talking.