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What is Consolidated Fund, Contingency Fund and Public fund? (in Tamil)
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In this class we are going to see the following things - Consolidated fund of India - Contingency fund of India - Public Account / Public fund

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Gowtham V
Mechanical Engineer - Mentor for competitive exam aspirants - Science Teacher - TNPSC mentor at 'Kalam Vision Academy'

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  1. @ba 60 600TL lin Introduction to FINANCE COMMISSION FOR TNPSC, UPSC, SSC and PART -3 other exams

  2. Name: Gowtham About me: Mechanical Engineer TNPSC and UPSC aspirant

  3. What we covered so far. Finance Commission: Non permanent Constitutional body Quasi -judicial body Also seen: Constitution body, statuatory body, regulatory body, Extra-constitutional body and Quasi-Judicial body

  4. What we covered so far. Composition of finance commission Qualification of the members

  5. What we are going to see Consolidated fund of India Contingency fund of India Public account / Public fund

  6. Introduction to Financocommission in India Conslidated fund: [ Formed under Art 266(1 It is the chief account of GO! Contain Funds from Income Tax, central excise tax, customs and some non-tax revenues and loans Terms of use - Govt. of India meets all its expenditure including loan payments using this fund. Withdrawl-No amount can be withdrawl from this account without authorisation by Parliment

  7. Introduction to Financocommission in India Contingency fund: I Formed under Art 267(1)1 Contain- It is a Imprest account (imprest means "munpanam" in tamil). It is filled with an imprest amount of Rs.500 Crore Terms of use It is used for unforseen expenditure with the permission from President. The taken amount will be refilled to the account once the parliment accept this additional expenditure. Responsibility-The Secretary to the Dept of Economic affairs (which is a child agency of Finance ministry) hold the account on behalf of president of India. [Subash Chandra Garg is the current Secretary to Dept of Economic Affairs]

  8. Introduction to Financocommission in India Public Account/Public fund [Formed under Art 266 (2)1: Contain-All other public money received by Govt. of India other than the consolidated funds are stored in this account Terms of use - No parlimentary authorisation is required to use this fund Each state can have its own consolidated, contingency and public funds on the same lines as the centre

  9. Introduction to Financocommission in India What's next: Functions of Finance Commission Finance commissions 1st to 14th Important recommendations by Finance commissions