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Important finance Commission Recommendations So Far (in Tamil)
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In this lesson we going to see the following - Important finance commission recommendations so far

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Gowtham V
Mechanical Engineer - Mentor for competitive exam aspirants - Science Teacher - TNPSC mentor at 'Kalam Vision Academy'

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how ans of 4 question is a...because one condition out of three does not match
Abhishek Pandey
a year ago
focus on how to solve questions them you easily find out correct answer in Question paper.
Mansirat Sandhu
a year ago
but what about this question
Abhishek Pandey
a year ago
what is your answer ?
Mansirat Sandhu
a year ago
none of the options is correct
Aju Rewar
3 months ago
question 4 answer 4 question 5 answer 4 question 6 answer 1 question 7 answer 4 am i right ?
question 4 answer would be option 1. notice carefully that there's a little gap among rectangle, triangle and square
Hi Brother,plz send English materials to prepare for vao
Gowtham V
2 years ago
Thank you for your support. Please visit my profile more courses. watch my daily current affairs videos also.. don't forget to give star rating..
Sure bro thanks
  1. @bSu 1 60 600lu lin Introduction to FINANCE COMMISSION FOR TNPSC, UPSC, SSC and PART-5 other exams

  2. Name: Gowtham About me: Mechanical Engineer TNPSC and UPSC aspirant

  3. What we covered so far. Finance Commission: Non permanent Constitutional body Quasi -judicial body Also seen: Constitution body, statuatory body, regulatory body, Extra-constitutional body and Quasi-Judicial body

  4. What we covered so far. Composition of finance commission Qualification of the members

  5. What we covered so far. Consolidated fund of India Contingency fund of India Public account / Public fund

  6. What we covered so far. Functions of Finance commission

  7. What we covered so far. Eunctions of Finance Commission: The finance commission recommend to the Govt of India on the following areas. 1. Tax Devolution: 2. Grant-in-aids 3. Measures to augmen (increase) the Consolidated fund of states 4. Any other matter referred by president

  8. What we are going to see Finance commissions so far Important recommendation by Finance commissions so far

  9. Finance Commissions in India Name of Chairman Shri. K.C. Neogi Shri. K. Santhanam Shri. A.K. Chanda Dr. P.B. Rajamannar Shri. Mahavir Tyagi Shri. K.B. Reddy Shri J.M. Shelat Shri Y.B. Chavan Shri N.K.P. Salve Shri. K.C. Pant Shri A.M. Khusro Dr. C. Rangarajan Dr. Vijay L. Kelkar Commission First Finance Commission 1951 Second Finance Commission Third Finance Commissio Fourth Finance Commission Fifth Finance Commission Sixth Finance Commission Seventh Finance Commission Eight Finance Commission Ninth Finance Commission Tenth Finance Commission Eleventh Finance Commission Tweleth Finance Commission Thirteenth Finance Commission Fourteenth Finance Commission (2015 to 2020) Reddy

  10. Introduction to Financocommission in India Important Recommendation by FC 5th FC-Recommended the "Special Category States". During 5th FC, for the first time the "basis of findings" were asked to the FC and since then the terms of reference" were made very clear in successive FCs 8th FC-First time a unified formula is used to distribute the net yield from union excise duties 9th FC-Recomended Calamity Relief fund 12h FC-30.5% Tax devolution During 12th FC period, Medium Scale Fiscal Policy Statement is prepared as per the Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act (FRBM Act 2003). This MSFP sets our 3 year rolling targets for 5 fiscal indicators in relation to GDP at market prices. The indicators are Revenue Deficit, Fiscal Deficit, Tax to GDP ratio etc., The 12th FC removed the differences in Planned and Non planned expenditure (Planned expenditures are those which are included in the Five Year Plan) 13th FC-32% Tax devolution 14th FC-42% Tax devolution