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Web Development HTML-9 ( In Hindi)
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How to create HTML Form by using textarea, Radio buttons

Kajal jaisansaria
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  2. 1 am Kajal Jaisansaria. MSc in computer science Internet surfing, Play outdoor games Interacting with people Sharing my knowledge &learning on the go 2

  3. FORMS A form is an area that can contain form element. Form elements are elements that allow the user to enter information (like -textfield, textarea field, drop downmenus, radio button,checkboxes etc.) in a form > A form is defined with the <form> tag <form> input> <input> </form> 3

  4. INPUT The most used form tag is the <input tag The type of input is specified with the type attribute. The most commonly used input types are explained below. 4

  5. TEXT FIELDS Text field are used when you want the user to type letters , numbers , etc. in the form <form> First name: input type-"text" name-"firstname"> <br> Last name: input type-"text" name-"lastname"> </form> 5

  6. OUTPUT First name: Last name: 6

  7. RADIO BUTTONS Radio buttons are used when you want the user to select one of a limited number of choices. <form> input type-"radio" name-"sex' value-"male">Male</br> <input type="radio" name="sex" value "Female">Female</br> 13

  8. OUTPUT How it looks in a browser O Male Female 8

  9. THANK YOU an doubts? Ask in the comments section beloW