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Web Development - HTML -3 (In Hindi)
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This course explains Comments & Lists in HTML

Kajal jaisansaria
I have completed my in computer science.I love teaching, travelling,surfing net.

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thank u sir. very usefull

  2. 1 am Kajal Jaisansaria. MSc in computer science Internet surfing, Play outdoor games Interacting with people Sharing my knowledge &learning on the go 2

  3. HTML COMMENTS Comments can be inserted in the HTML code to make it more readble.Comments are ignored by the browser and not displayed also Comments are written like this <!- This is a comment --> 3

  4. EXAMPLE <html> <body> <!- this is my demo comment --> <p> here l am kajal </p> </body </html> 4

  5. OUTPUT here ia am kajal 5

  6. LISTS Lists are used to organise item in the browser window There are three types of list; UNORDERED LIST - e.g.-Bullets ORDERED LIST DEFINITION LIST e.g.- 1,2,3 6

  7. SYNTEX Basic Syntax: <LI lteml <UL> <LI>ltem 2 /UL>

  8. UNORDERED LIST: Unordered list: Bulleted list (most popular), lists items with no particular order Fruit <UL> Fruit <LI> Banana LI>Grape . Banana Grape </UL> 8

  9. ORDERED LIST: Numbered list: Fruit <ol> Fruit LI Banana <LI>Grape 1. Banana 2.Grape </OL>

  10. DEFINITION LIST A definition list is not a list of items. This is a list of terms and explanation of the terms. A definition list starts with the <dl> tag. Each definition-list term starts with the <dt> tag. Each definition-list definition starts with the <dd> tag. <dl> <dt Coffee</dt> <dd>Black hot drink</dd> <dt Milk</dt> <dd>White cold drink</dd> </dl 10