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Web Development - HTML -1 (In Hindi)
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This lesson explains basic HTML structure and HTML tags

Kajal jaisansaria
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  2. 1 am Kajal Jaisansaria. MSc in computer science Internet surfing, Play outdoor games Interacting with people Sharing my knowledge &learning on the go 2

  3. HTML HTML stands for hypertext markup languaSe. HTML is not a programminglanguage, it is a markuplanguage. A markuplanguageis a set of markup tags. The markuptags describe how text should be displayed. > . - 3

  4. HTML TAGS HTML tags are keywords surroundedby angle brackets like <html>. > HTML tags normally comes in pairs like <p> and The first tag in the pair is starttagandsecond is the end ta . Note- The start and end tags are also known as opening/closing tags. 4

  5. WHATIS AN HTML FILE > An html file is a text file with html tags. > An html file must end with .htm or .html. When you save an html sile, you can use either the .htm or .html extension. An HTML file can be created using a simple text editor i.e. --NOTEPAD. > An html is also known as web page. 5

  6. HTML DOCUMENT STRUCTURE The HTML document is divided into two major parts: HEAD: contains information about the document . Title of the page (which appears at the top of the browser window) BODY: Contains the actual content of the document This is the part that will be displayed in the browser window 6

  7. SAMPLE HTML DOCUMENT KHTML KHEAD> <TITLE My web page</TITLE> </HEAD> BODY> Content of the document /BODY> </HTML>

  8. OUTPUT Content of the document 8

  9. THANK YOU anu doubts? Ask in the comments section below!