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Web Development HTML-10 (In Hindi)
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HTML forms- how to create checkboxes, text, password field, Buttons

Kajal jaisansaria
I have completed my in computer science.I love teaching, travelling,surfing net.

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  2. 1 am Kajal Jaisansaria. MSc in computer science Internet surfing, Play outdoor games Interacting with people Sharing my knowledge &learning on the go 2

  3. CHECKBOXES Checkboxes are used when you want the user to select one or more options of a limited number of choices. <form> I have a bike: input type-"checkbox" name-"vehicle" value-"bike">br> I have a car: <input type="checkbox" name="vehicle" value="car"><br I have an airplane: input type "checkbox" name-vehicle" value-"airplane">xbr /form> 02 3

  4. OUTPUT I have a bike: I have a car: I have an airplane: 4

  5. DROP DOWN BUTTON <html> <body> <form action""> <select name-"cars"> option value-"volvo">volvo /option option value-"Saab"saab</option> <option value fiat">fiat</option> option value="audi">audi</option> /select </form> </body> /html 5

  6. OUTPUT Volvo 6

  7. TEXTAREA This example demonstrates how to create a textarea (a multi line text input control). A user can write text in the text-area. In a text-area you can write an unlimited number of charcters. <html> body> p>This example can not be edited because our editor uses a textarea inside a textarea./p:> <textarea rows "10" cols "30"> The cat was playing in the garden.-/textarea> </body> </html>

  8. OUTPUT s example cannotbe edited because our editor uses a textarea for input, and your browser does not allowy a textarea inside a textarea The cat was plaving 1n the garden- 8

  9. CREATE A BUTTON This example demonstrates how to create a button. On the button you can define your own text. <html> body> <form action "> sinput type "button" value-"Hello world!"> </form> </body> </html>

  10. OUTPUT Hello world! 10