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Web Development HTML-6 ( In Hindi)
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Description -Formatting text

Kajal jaisansaria
I have completed my in computer science.I love teaching, travelling,surfing net.

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nice lecture bro....

  2. 1 am Kajal Jaisansaria. MSc in computer science Internet surfing, Play outdoor games Interacting with people Sharing my knowledge &learning on the go 2

  3. AN IMAGE AS A LINK <html> <body> rp> You can also use image as a link <a hre "lastpage.html> <img src="button.jpeg"> <la> </body> </html> 3

  4. OUTPUT You can also use image as a link 4

  5. HTML FORMATTING TAGS HTML uses tags like <b>and <i> for formatting output, like bold or italic text. These HTML tags are called formatting tags. 5

  6. EXAMPLE FORMATTING TAGS <html> <body> sp><b>this text is bold</b>/p> pstrong>this text is strong</strong></p> <p>big> this text is big</big><lp> <p><em>this text is emphasized</em></p> <p>i>this text is italic<i>/p> <psmall>this text is small</small>/p:> <p>this is <sub>subscript</sub>and <sup> superscript</sup></p> /body>/html> 6

  7. OUTPUT This text is bold This text is strong This text is big This text is emphasized This text is italic This text is small This is and superscript subscript

  8. THANK YOU an doubts? Ask in the comments section beloW