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Visual Puzzles
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In this lesson, Aishwarya talks about different questions asked from the visual puzzles ection of the previous year UPSC preliminary examination gs2 paper.

Aishwarya Nair
Cleared half a dozen government exams. Presently at Railways. Former faculty at KAS Mentor. Follow for Exam preparation strategies.

Unacademy user
your way of explaining is awesome
very easy to study these topics......
  1. Visual Puzzles Course: Crash Course on CSAT for UPSC CSE Presented by Aishwarya Nair

  2. 2015 Consider the figures given below: To fit the question mark, the correct answer is

  3. Four cardboard pieces of specific shapes are shown in the following figure: Which one of the following figures given can be formed by joining these pieces together ? LN

  4. 2013 Problem figures : Answer figures

  5. 2013 2 3 In the figures from 1 to 4 above, two symbols are shown to change their position in a regular direction. Following the same sequence, which one of the following will appear at the fifth stage ?

  6. 2017 There are 4 horizontal and 4 vertical lines, parallel and equidistant to one another on a board. What is the maximum number of rectangles and squares that can be formed? A. 16 B. 24 C. 36 D. 42

  7. The maximum number of squares and rectangles that can be formed in this figure is 36. 1S