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Direction Sense
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In this lesson, Aishwarya discuss various direction related problems asked in the previous year UPSC preliminary gs2 paper.

Aishwarya Nair
Cleared half a dozen government exams. Presently at Railways. Former faculty at KAS Mentor. Follow for Exam preparation strategies.

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second last question confusion h ki hcf 4^444 toh aage factor nh hoga or hcf 1 hoga. clear this sir
In india we easily assumes north and south,but understand and remembering west and east is bit problem so assume west bengal as a position where we clear define this as east and rest the direction should be simple
  1. Direction and Distance Course: Crash Course on CSAT for UPSC CSE Presented by Aishwarya Nair

  2. Shahid and Rohit start from the same point in opposite directions. After each km, Shahid always turns left and Rohit always turns right. Which of the following statements is correct? A. After both have travelled 2 km, the distance between them B. C. D. is 4 km They meet after each has travelled 3 km Thev meet for the first time after each has travelled 4 km They go on without ever meeting again

  3. 2 A person walks 12 km due north, then 15 km due east, after that 19 km due west and then 15 km due south. How far is the starting point? A. 5 km B. 9 km C. 37 km D. 61 km

  4. 4 5 km Distance am point 3

  5. A person climbs a hill in a straight path from point 'O' on the ground in the direction of North east and reaches a point 'A' after travelling a distance of 5 km. Then, from the Doint 'A' he moves to point 'B' in the direction of North West. Let the distance AB be 12 km. Now, how far is the person away from the starting point 'O'? A. 7 km B. 13 km C. 17 km D. 11 km

  6. Distance . Jia't 52-13km

  7. . A person X was driving in a place where all roads ran either North South or East- West, forming a grid. Roads are at a distance of 1 km from each other in a parallel. He started at the intersection of two roads, drove 3 km north, 3 km west and 4 km south. Which further route could bring him back to his starting point, if the same route is not repeated? A. 3 km east, then 2 km south B. 3 km east, then 1 km north C. 1 km north, then 2 km west D. 3 km south, then 1 km north

  8. 3 km 3kn Rast