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Coding Decoding
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In this video Aishwarya discusses the various coding and decoding problems which have appeared in the previous year preliminary examination of UPSC CSE GS paper 2.

Aishwarya Nair
Cleared half a dozen government exams. Presently at Railways. Former faculty at KAS Mentor. Follow for Exam preparation strategies.

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  1. Coding Decoding and Misc. Course: Crash Course on CSAT for UPSC CSE Presented by Aishwarya Nair

  2. . A military code writes SYSTEM as SYSMET and NEARER as AENRER. Using the same code, FRACTION can be written as A. CARFTION B. FRACNOIT C. NOITCARF D. CARFNOIT

  3. If R and S are different integers, both divisible by 5, then which of the following is not necessarily true A. R -S is divisible by 5 B. R +S is divisible by io C. RXS is divisible by 25 D. R2 S2 is divisible by 5

  4. S 35

  5. . Consider the following: A B means A is the son of B. A - B means A is the wife of B. What does the expression P+ R- Q mean? A. Q Is the son of P B. Q is the wife of P C. Q is the father of P D. None of the above

  6. . In a certain code, '256' means 'red color chalk, 589' means green color flower' and '254' means white color chalk. The digit in the code that indicates 'white' is A. 2 B. 4 C. 5 D. 8